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DateAfrikans– When I say African women in this context, I am referring to women born and raised on the continent of Africa or by purely African Parents. The real African Queen not the general black women worldwide.


Dating an African woman is a blessing to any man in the world.

Here are the top 10 good reasons why you should date an African Woman and the benefits of dating an African woman

  1. African Women are very supportive and encouraging

The life of an African woman is designed to support her partner to achieve greatness. If you date an African woman she will push you to be the very best at all costs. The African woman is built on the “We” concept. She will be willing to encourage you and help you to reach your full potentials because she believes that when you are well, she will be well. An African woman will bring out the best in you.

  • African Women have superpower tendencies

African Women are multi-tasking, versatile, powerful, career driven and passionate. They can survive almost anything. The African culture is designed to build a woman into a Queen. Dating an African woman will automatically elevate you and crown you as a king. Every man deserves a woman that compliments him and can represent him anywhere, anytime.

  • Good S*x

I remember a middle aged white man confessing that his African girlfriend almost killed him with good s*x. It has been proven that African women are unbeatable when it comes to s*x, they are extremely freaky, wild and creative. A recent research carried out in America by Date Afrikans revealed that 75% of white adult men prefer African women s*xually, 40% of Spanish men/Latino prefer African Women s*xuallyand 30% of Black American men prefer African Women s*xually. Maybe this explains why African women are the most victims of s*x traff*cking and s*xual exploitation.If you are looking for the greatest s*xual experience you should consider dating an African woman.

  • African Women hardly breakup or divorce once they are committed
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African women are not quick to breakup,divorce or give up on someone once they are committed, they rather work things out. African Women always have a way of finding solutions to relationship and marital issues instead of just walking away. They are patient and not quick to take actions concerning their relationship or married. The Africans believe that a woman is a home builder, maybe that explains why Africa is refers to as motherland.

  • African Women are submissive and respectful

One of the main characteristic of an African woman is respect for whoever she is committed with. The African culture teaches women to be submissive to their man no matter how rich or big she is or becomes. As an African woman, whatever you have belongs to your husband and must be consulted before taking any decision. By dating an African woman you will command respect, she will respect you in your presence and behind your back. She will not only respect you, she will have others to respect you because of how she position you.

  • African Women are beautiful In and out.

African women are extremely beautiful. Their Melanin drips and this is way beyond just their physical appearance. Africans sees beautiful as a two sided coin, beauty on the outside which is the physical looks and inner beautiful which has to do with character. African Women are well cultured and have good manners, they are very loving and understanding. You need to try dating an Africanwoman to fully understand the meaning of beautiful in and out.

  • They love healthy, organic food and knows how to cook very well

African Women surely knows how to keep a man healthy and happy. They learn how to cook at a very tender age. As a girl growing up in an African home you have a lot to learn from your mother, aunt or guardian which includes cooking. Almost every African woman assisted their parents in the kitchen while growing up. They start from doing dishes to arranging spices/ other recipes. As a fully grown up woman who is not married, it is your responsibility to take over your mother’s kitchen until you are married to your own husband. By dating an African woman you will always enjoy sweet, healthy, organic home-made food

  • Fertility and reproduction

If you are looking for a mother who can birth you a child, you should consider dating or marrying an African woman. African Women are extremely fertile and always ready to reproduce. The rate of fertility in African societies is very high as compared to others. Africans have the ability of giving birth to many children and still maintaining a perfect shape. If you are not ready to have a child, you should avoid having unprotected s*x with an African woman.

  • You will have a second mother
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An African woman will treat you like she is your mother. They are quick to accept responsibilities and will always be by your side no matter the situation. If you are motherless be sure of having a Mom by dating an African woman. She will automatically become your sister, friend, lover and most importantly a second mother.If you have siblings she will become a mother to all of them.

  1. You will inherit a big fun family

African are known for having a big family wherever they are in the world. The important of family in anybody’s life cannot be underestimated. Every African belongs to an extended family made up of a gang of siblings, cousins, nephews, nieces, uncles, aunt’s, godparents and family friends. The African family circle is really big and trust me big family is a lot of fun. By dating an African woman, you automatically have a lot of in-laws to entertain and a lot of social functions to attend.

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