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Why should I date an African Man

Why you should date an African Man

Why should a woman date an African Man

Dating an African Man is fun and the happiest thing that can happen to any woman in the world. Whether he is an African living in Africa, America, Europe or anywhere in the world, African men are always the same.

Here are 10 Reasons why you should consider dating an African Man

  1. African men have good manners and a strong sense of chivalry

This is a vital feature that is quickly eroding amongst most home-grown men in America, Europe, Asia and other continents. Although reports suggests that African societies are not progressive when it comes to women’s right’s, women are more cared for in Africa at the same time. The African culture places men in a position where it’s their duty to take care of their woman both mentally, financially, emotionally and physically. African men will pay for the first date, second date etc. and continuously shower you with gifts and love

  • Security and protection

By dating an African Man, you have secured yourself, your family and friends. An African manis very protective and can go to any limit to defend his woman, her family and friends. It is better to get in trouble with the police than mess with an African man’s woman. They understand and are aware of a woman’s needs and can do anything to keep their woman happy and protected. Once they are committed, they become addicted to things that will keep her happy.

  • African men are cold blood hustlers
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African is a continent that has been destabilized by many forces, gradually the society has embraced the theory of Survival of the fittest. For one to excel, they must sacrifice a lot extra. Dating an African Man will automatically boost and upgrade your hustler’s mindset. An African Man will encourage you to hustle, support your hustle and at the same time take care of you while you are hustling and after you succeed.

  • Good S*x

One might say “Its not all about the s*x” but one thing is certain, good s*x is something that every woman deserves. It has been proven severally that African men are extremely good at s*x. This probably explains why African men are the most victims of s*x trafficking and s*xualexploitation. A recent research by Date Afrikans in America revealed that 70% of white women prefers African men s*xually, 55% of Black Women prefer African men s*xually and 40% of Spanish women/Latina prefer African S*xually. African men are very energetic, wild and creative

  • They have a more balanced perspective about life

Almost every African knows just how special stability and comfort are. Africa is a continent that has been plaque by “Poverty” and wars, giving Africans a more balanced perspective about life than most Americans and Europeans who are used to a certain comfortable standard of living. African men don’t take life for granted and that’s surely who you deserve to be with as a woman.

  • Entertainment and Fun
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Almost Every African knows a good story that has been passed down from generations to generations verbally. One unique thing is, the older the stories get, the more beautiful and versatile they become. Africans are naturally storytellers which makes them fun and entertaining. Dating an African Man is more like having a Cinema, Theatre, Spotify and YouTube combined without paying for any subscription or gate pass. Who doesn’t like African Entertainment?

  • African men are super neat

Neatness is a basic characteristics of the African culture. Looking good and keeping a hygienic environment is very important to African men. They use neatness to impress, attract and brag. If you are visiting an African Man, he will make sure that the house is properly cleaned and the room well arranged. They will ensure that everything is in order. Maybe this is because African women or women generally are attracted to neat men.

  • African men love healthy, organic food and knows how to cook

Eating organic food is a common culture of the Africans anywhere they are in the world. As people who grow food, they learn how to cook at a tender age. Most African men assisted their parents or guardian in the kitchen when they were growing up. As a result, African men develops a habit of eating organic home made nutritious food. They are regarded as the best cooks in the world

  • You and your kids will learn a new language(s) and culture (s)
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Language plays a key role in every individual’s life, especially now that the world has become a global village. Africa is a continent with over 3000 languages across the 54 countries with each having a unique culture and almost every African country adopted a second language as a common language during and after colonialism. Therefore, majority of Africans can speak more than one language. By dating or marrying am African Man, you and your children or future children will have an opportunity to learn a second/new language and different culture(s).

  1. Traveling and the big fun family

Almost every African comes from a certain small village with big families. Family in Africa is extended and comprise of many people. Some Africans travelled from their villages to other villages, towns, cities, countries and continents. By dating or marrying an African, you have inherited a big family. By dating or marrying an African you might travel in one way or the way to meet with family members occasionally and trust me Africans have a gang of siblings, cousins, nephews, nieces, uncle’s, aunts, godparents and family friends. By dating or marrying an African you will have a lot of in-laws to entertain and many social functions to attend. One thing is certain, big families are a lot fun. Your kids on the other hand will have so much to play with and learn from

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