What is Family Love?

Today on DateAfrikans, this article will expose you to African family love. This might sound weird to you but at the same time it makes more sense than how it sounds. I grew up with my mom and siblings after my dad passed away since when I was less than a year old. My mom never told me for once that she love me or care about me, she never hugged or kissed me.

None of my elder brothers or sisters ever said they love me or cared about me. Trust me this will end disastrous in a Spanish, European or American home. One thing I can guarantee you is that I am the most loved person in my family.

How do you know an African mum, dad, siblings or family members love you?

How do you know your African parents really  loves you?

  1. They will make sure that you are not hungry
  2. They will make sure that your life is not in danger
  3. They will provide you with basic needs not wants
  4. They will protect you against anything/anyone and can use the last drop of blood in their body to defend you
  5. They will brag about you and praise you in your absence
  6.  They will correct you when you are doing something wrong (Well, they might whoop you to correct you)
  7.  You will receive gifts during festivals or celebration seasons
  8.  African parent will show you love by making sure that you are educated even if it means selling everything they have
  9.  He/she will encourage you to work hard and become a better person
  10. They will make crucial decisions only in your interest. Some Africans are not happy in their marriages but they choose to stay because of their kids. They understand how divorce will affect their children’s growth so they rather sacrifice their happiness to build their children. Many marriages among Africans are surviving today because of the children involved
  11. An African parent can lay his/her life down for his/her child to live. A parent that will rather die for you to live is a parent that loves you. They don’t need to say it but you already know based on the experiences you have had with them.
  12. They will connect you spiritually. Your spiritual background is likely to be determined by your parents or culture. Some Africans are Christians, Muslims or African ancestral worshippers. Africans generally believes in the existence of God and other higher forces. An African parents that loves you will introduce you to his/her spiritual beliefs. The importance of spirituality can never be underestimated.
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How to know if your African children really love you as a parent

  1.  An obedient child. Children that obey their parents or family do so out of Love. Obedience is a way of understanding, respecting and appreciating what someone has done for you. African Children are trained  to respect and obey their parents/family out of love. African parents feel loved when their children obey them. Yes some children respect their parents out of fear of being whooped.
  2.  A child that takes care of his/her parents. You don’t have to  send your parents beautiful text messages to make them feel loved. All they want is a child that will take care of them when they grow older. A child that loves his/her parents will start making efforts at a tender age. A child that is willing to take family responsibilities is a child that loves the family.
  3.  A child that assists his/her parents. Assistance is very important and can go a long way to symbolize love in Africa. A child that is always willing to assist his/her parent(s) is definitely doing it out of love. A child that helps in the kitchen, on the farm, at home etc. Is a child that love his/her parents. Pay their loans when you have some money, provide for them like they did for you.
  4. A child that protects family interest. Africans believe in family over anything else. Family’s interest comes first before anything else. A child that loves his or her family will definitely put family first while making important decisions
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