Things you should never do while dating an African girl

A successful relationship is highly dependent on the things you do and the things you don’t. There are things you must do and things you must not do in other to keep a strong relationship. Generally like I said before in other articles, it is very complicated to understand women or have a clue about what they want. Sometimes a woman’s temporary mood is enough for her to make a decision that will last long.

Sometimes the things you think might be the best will turn out to be the worst. For women everything matters no matter how small they seem. Recently a Spanish friend of mine from New York City called me and was complaining about not really understanding an African girl he fell in love with. After speaking with him for a couple of hours I understood that it was lack of understanding. It is true that women globally has a lot in common no matter their race, tribe, country or background.

However there are certain characteristics associated with a certain group of people, especially people that grew up from a certain environment with different cultural values and beliefs. I was inspired to write this article after listening to my Spanish friend and helping him to solve his relationship problems.

Here are few tips on the things you should never do while dating an African woman.

  • Do not take her love for granted.

This is the biggest mistake people make everyday that cost them their entire relationship. Taking her love for granted is one things he might never forgive you for doing. When an African girl is deeply in love with you, she will do anything and may go to any limit to please you.

A couple of men lose it all at this point when they start seeing her as a cheap girl or a desperate girl. She will be all over you and all about you, she will place you in a position where no else comes before you. She will allow you to be the man and be in charge of everything. Do not see anything she is doing for you as a desperate move, don’t think that you are the best or you are the only man in the world.

There is a saying that “You don’t know what you have until it’s gone”. Taking her for granted will definitely put you in this category without even realizing. First, she will move on mentally but you won’t notice because you already took her for granted. By the time you realize it will be too late

  • Do not keep female friends. So many relationships today are suffering from this problem. Your girlfriend or wife should be your best friend, keeping other females is a risky move. Nowadays you cannot trust anyone because a lot has been happening. Keeping female friends around when you are dating or married to an African woman is a sure way of making her feel insecure. Of course spending time with other women will surely make your girlfriend or wife jealous which is the worst feeling for a woman. Women are jealous and funny at times, you may not have intention of dating your female friend but when she sees that you are treating your girlfriend or wife good, she might start imagination herself in that position.
  • Do not disrespect her family members.

Family first! Family is key in every relationship especially when dealing with an African. You cannot have a “serious relationship” without family’s active involvement.Disrespecting her family is the easiest way to lose an African girl as a lover or wife. If her family is against you, it therefore means the relationship cannot get to anything serious hence you need family approval for anything serious.

  • Do not cheat on her.

Cheating is extremely bad in a relationship not just with an African but with any woman out there. Women hate cheaters for many reasons and as a result might not give you a second chance. A saying goes like “Cheaters are liable to lose their relationship”. Cheating on an African woman is one thing you should never consider trying.

  • Do not abuse her.

Abuse in whatever form is a complete turn off for any female anywhere in the world. Physical, mental, psychological, emotional or verbal abuse is something you should desist from while dating an African woman. This will show that you are irresponsible and she will never trust you with her safety. In reality every woman is looking for a man that will protect her and treat her as a family, not an abuser that could harm her at any given time and opportunity.

  • Don’t be mean, rude or arrogant.

Don’t be mean, rude or arrogant to her or others around her. Almost every woman’s goal is to be with a respectful gentleman, someone she can proudly present to the world. Show compassion towards her and others especially in her presence. African women are very careful when selecting a man to settle with, your personality and image is very key and could go along way to decide the future of your relationship.

  • Don’t be too busy for her.

My best friend Ella turned down a marriage proposal from her long time boyfriend for this reason. According to her, she felt like she was in a relationship alone. He would go to work as early as possible, come back from work and spend more time at home working on his laptop. She would go over to his house and end up being alone. When it comes to women, attention is something they don’t play with. If you are not paying attention to her, she will go with the next man that is keeping her mind occupied. Whatever you are doing, do not be too busy for her. Pay attention to her and spend quality time with her.

  • Do not be a yes ma’am man.

Women love stand-up men. The African society places men in a position where they always have to be the man of the house. Being a yes ma’am type of man is a complete turn off for many African women. Take charge, accept your responsibilities and assume your duty as a man. Take control but do not miss use the opportunity

  • Don’t expect her to pay your bills.

There are couple of men out there looking for a woman that will take care of them and pay their bills. Whether she is richer than you, do not expect her to pay your bills. She might hold it down for you when things are not going well with you but do not expect her to be responsible for your bills. This is a complete turn off for majority of the women out there

  • Do not lie to her

Women generally hates lies. A liar is a betrayal, a liar is a snake in a green grass. One thing you should never consider doing to an African woman is lying to her. A good number of women out there might forgive you doing every other thing but may never forgive you for lying to them.

How to make an African woman addicted to you – DateAfrikans

DateAfrikans will help you get your African girlfriend or wife addicted with these simple tips

Asking a girl out and having her accept you is one thing but making her addicted to you is another. Universally, understanding and pleasing a woman is as complicated as understanding the world itself. African girls or women are not different from the rest of the women out there, however there are some unique features about African women and how they perceive love.

African women are difficult to understand and satisfy especially if you are not African or lack adequate knowledge about African women. The complexity of an African woman is actually what makes her unique. Having an African woman as a girlfriend or a wife is the best thing that can happen to any man in the world. The best way you can enjoy an African girl is to have her addicted to you like a drug, that way she cannot be able to live without you.

Again, at this stage she will completely and uncontrollably depend of you emotionally. This tips are valid and has been perfectly working but might not be applicable to every African girl out there. Yes people say women are the same all over the world but that’s not completely true. Here are few tips that will get your African girlfriend or wife glued to you forever

  • Make her your priority. Prioritize her and make her your Centre of attraction. There is no feeling greater than a woman discovering that she is someone’s priority. Her feelings, emotions, physical and mental wellbeing should come first before anything else. Without hesitations, make her your priority and stand your grounds no matter what people say. Any woman in the world will give it all for you if you make her your priority except in rare cases where she is already turned off by you or has something against you. Put her first before anything or anyone else and keep it that way for as long as possible
  • Pay absolute attention to her. The word attention will always pop up anytime you are talking about how to treat a woman generally. Women lovesattention almost more than anything else. Pay close attention to her, whatever she does, what she hates and what she likes. There are things about her that you may never know if you don’t pay close attention to her and everything around her. Paying close attention to her is the only way that you can know her deeply. The information you gather from paying attention to her is very resourcefuland if utilized carefully, you can become the man of her dreams.
  • Work on your self. When it comes to African women, your personality is crucial. Let your personality speak and act for you. With your personality, you don’t have to do or say too much. African women or women generally pays close attention to a man’s personality which also determines the future of the relationship. African women want a man with an awesome personality, a man with a bright future, a man who represents something, a respectful and ambitious man with potentials of become successful. In addition to that, work on your physical appearance. Dress to kill, smell good, get in shape. I remember back in high school and college, the most intelligent boys and good looking guys were always surrounded by girls. Be a stand-up nice looking gentleman and not a yes-ma’am trashy stinking unhealthy one.
  • Have her back 100%. Even the most independent woman on earth depends on her man in one way or the other. Dependence is way beyond just financial implications. The essence of a man and a woman together in a relationship is to complete and compliment each other. Be her backup and support system, let her see you as someone she can always count on and do not disappoint her.Always be available to support her mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually, financially etc. Anytime any day anywhere.
  • Surprise her with lots of gifts. African women like any other women love surprises and gifts. My  friend from college  once told me that the easiest way to turn her on is by surprising her with a gift. She sees gift as a valuable token of appreciation. Gift in this context does not necessarily mean something expensive or with a financial value. When you pay close attention to a woman, you will understand her wants and needs. Take advantage and leverage on the things she likes. Some girls like roses, some likes colognes, some likes jewelries, some likes shopping or simply going on dates. You can surprise her with breakfast in bed or any other special treatment. You can surprise her on random days or important occasions in her life such as anniversaries, festivities or special occasions etc.
  • Make romantic love with her as often as possible.This might not be applicable to every African girl but majority of women out there loveand deserves good s*x. This does not solely imply having a large peanut or going for several rounds or lasting for hours. Love making is a complete package and process of intimate s*xual satisfaction. First she needs to be in the mood and completely into it. As a man it is your duty to find her weak spots and capitalize on it, gradually drown her into it without leaving her hanging. Once she is finally satisfied, cuddleher up and repeat the same next time with more intensity.
  • Give her money. Yes give her money anytime you have money. Women loves money. This does not imply that she is materialistic. The truth is money is a necessity for every human whether you like it or not. The African culture places a man in a position of providing for the family so it doesn’t matter whether she is rich. Giving your woman money is a sign of being responsible and considerate of your position as a man in the relationship.Your money is her money and her money is her money unless she decides to make her money your money.
  • Value, Appreciate and compliment her. Appreciating what a woman has done for you and what she is doing for you is something you should never neglect. Women are very sensitive and pays close attention to details.Tell her she is beautiful as often as possible, tell her how much you love her as often as possible, tell her how much you are proud to have her as your Woman. Let her know that you feel lucky having her by your side. Let her feel that you pay attention and acknowledge everything she is doing.Notice the changes on her both physically, mentally, emotionally and the things around her.
  • Always be available and ready to listen to everything she has to say. My friend broke up with her longtime boyfriend at a time when no one expected. We were all curious because none of us expected this and mostly because of how much they loved each other. We did everything possible to get them back together but it was too late. She had already moved on mentally because of negligence. According to what we found out, he was never willing to listen to her and neglected her for so long. Sometimes all she want you to do is listen. She want to tell you everything not always because she want you to do something about it, she just want to let it out because she trust you with her secrets. Always be there and willing to listen

Conclusively, It might seem difficult to understand or please a woman. However, everything will fall in place when you calm down and do your homework as a man. The list here might not be complete so feel free to drop your opinion or experience in the comment box.

African woman  vs Spanish woman (Latina)

Who is the best lover between African women and Spanish women – DateAfrikans

This debate of who is a better lover between African women or African-American women and the Spanish women also know as Latina has been going on for decades. A good number of people argue on daily basis that African women or African American women are better lovers while others argue that Spanish women or Latina are better lovers. I know you might have your personal  position on this topic but whatever it is, hold on and read to the end and let’s see if you still think the same way.

The answer to this question is however tricky because universally, Women from whatever background or geographical area or race has so much in common. It all depends on her feelings for you and her personality as an individual

I cannot tell you who is a better lover between African/ African American women and Spanish women/Latina but if you are considering dating any of this women, I have something to tell you. There are things you need to understand such as body language and forms of communication as well as other behaviors that will help you to figure out if she is in love with you.

The best way you can find out is to date an African woman or African-American woman and also date a Spanish woman or Latina to make your final judgement. Even at that you might not arrive at a perfect answer.Only one woman cannot represent a whole, you might need to date more and more from different countries and backgrounds to come up with something tangible

I have been with African/ African American women and Spanish women/Latina, I also have a couple of friends dating African/African American women and Spanish women/Latina. In this article I will highlight certain characteristics or attributes generally associated with majority of these women. This may not be applicable to every African/African American woman or Spanish woman/Latina due to the fact that people are not the same.

  • Spanish women/Latina are erotic and exotic.Latina especially the ones from the Caribbean are very erotic and exotic. The culture and environment allows nudity and can be seen as sexiness. Their mode of dressing is tempting and can make a man go crazy especially if you are not used to it. If a Spanish woman/Latina is in love with you, she will go all the way out to look sexy for you. She will make sure your eyes are always fixed on her without blinking. The African culture on the other hand does not encourage nudity and consider such dressings as irresponsible. An African woman who is in love with you might try to look more “responsible” for you as a form of self respect.
  • African/African American women are very enduring. An African/African American woman who is in love with you will endure almost everything in order to please you and be by your side. Spanish women/Latina don’t tolerate bullshit when they are in love. For instance you might cheat on an African woman and get a second chance with her but it will definitely end disastrous if you try the same with a Spanish woman/ Latina. African women are trained to swallow and accept a lot of things but Spanish women are trained to settle for the best
  • Spanish women/Latina are super crazy!Yes you heard me. Spanish women are super crazy especially when they are in love. Do not play with her feelings when she is in love with you. She will fight anyone for you even in the police building or courtroom. When you mess a Spanish girl up, she might break your car windows, burn down the building or do something even crazier. Yes African woman are crazy too but you can’t compare them especially when they are crazy about someone. African women can take a deep breath and hold back
  • Both Spanish women and African women are very respectful especially when you respect them. They will go to any limit to please you to your satisfaction
  • Spanish women/Latina wants a man that is successful or already winning while African/ African American women are more concerned about a man’s potentials of winning. For the Spanish women the current is very important but African women are more about the future.
  • Spanish women/Latina or very touchy and verbally expressive why African women or African-American women express their emotions with actions.

This list may not be complete so feel free to drop your opinion in the comment section and let us know who is the best lovers in your opinion

African  love between a man and a woman

Non-Africans or people with lack of full knowledge about African Love between a man and a woman describes it as love based on a man’s ability to provide financially for a woman. In this context, they completely ignore the woman, her value and efforts in a relationship.

Yes African love between a man and a woman is a give and take scenario. However, this is way beyond just financial implications. A relationship between a man and a woman is a collaborative efforts. The African culture places a man in the position of proving for the family while the woman is placed in the position of building the family.

She doesn’t take to squander, she takes to preserve or reserve. If you give an African woman money she will not spend it. She will save it. If she need more she will take more from you and if both of you need to spend, she will have you spend.

The money she is saving is meant for the family and can only come out when there is a basic need. When there is no money to take care of family needs, she will lend the man the money on the terms that he will pay back. Well, even if you don’t pay back she will find a way to get it back. The money she is saving is to start a family business or to be used in times of emergency.


It is very simple to know when an African man is truly in love with you, especially if you understand his form of communication. African men communicates with deep body language, usually with actions rather than voice. His voice might be silent but his actions towards you is his true feelings. Pay attention to what he is doing. He might say less and do more.

Here are few things you should look out for.

  1. He will pay attention to you, everything you do and everything around you. Don’t jump into a conclusion that he is spying on you.
  2.  He will provide everything you need financially, emotionally, mentally, spiritually, sexually and physiologically. The African culture requires a man to provide for his woman. Your primary job to a woman is to provide whatever she needs.
  3.  He will give up anything for your happiness. An African man who is in love with you can go to any extent to please you. He will be ready to lose everything and start all over with you.
  4. African men are very jealous. In some cases his pride might not let you know but deep down he is hurting when you spend time with others. If you are messing with another guy, he might not approach you but the guy on the other end will bear the consequences. First he will give the guy a courtesy warning but you don’t want to exhaust the warning.
  5. He will place you so high in a position where no one can reach you. No other woman can take your place or have anything to say in your face


African women are more interested in your personality and your potentials. I know a lot of people say African Women can choose money over anything but that’s not true. African women love growth, they want someone with potentials to grow. Someone who represents something.

Here  Is how to find out if an African woman is in love with you

  1. She will be interested in everything you are doing. When it comes to an African woman, interest is a keyword. Some people take this point for granted but this is  where you can win or lose it all. If she shows interest in you, everything you do and even what you are not doing, just know she is in love with you
  2.  She will love your family or be interested in your family. An African woman who is in love with you will be interested in your family. She wants to make friends with at least someone from your family. Family is the gate of serious relationships in Africa.
  3. She will push you to grow. Women are better builders than men, she will look at your foundation to see what needs to be done. Basically they want to settle or be with a responsible man. An African woman who is in love with you will make you her business and multiply anything you give her.
  4.  Jealousy is something you should also look out for. An African woman who is in love is super jealous of any other woman having her man’s attention. She may hide her feelings but deep down she is burning.
  5.  She will care about you. African women are very caring, respectful and appreciative. She will care about your health and well being, your financial and spiritual growth. She will shower you with any form of satisfaction and appreciate whatever you can offer.

How to make an African woman happy – Top dating tips

Tips on dating and keeping African women in a relationship

Dating or marrying an African woman is the greatest thing that can happen to any man on earth. Women has been tagged as being complicated and hard to please or even understand. Understanding a woman might be difficult but generally women have a lot of things in common. African women are special and deserves a special treatment. Once you understand the important tips on how to make an African woman happy, your relationship will never be the same

In this article I will share tips in how to keep your African woman happy in a relationship

  1. Pay attention to her

Women love attention and can be extremely jealous and might even lose interest if you are not paying attention to her. Make her your Centre of attraction, pay attention to details and everything around her. Like every other woman, an African woman will give it all for you if you are attentive and always ready to pay attention to her. Whatever you are doing for her or giving to her, if the attention is missing she will definitely lose interest.  Sometimes she just want to be assured that you are paying attention to her and no one else.

  •  Appreciate her

Appreciating a woman can work like magic.  A woman wants to know that her efforts is genuinely appreciated. Appreciating an African woman or any other woman will encourage her to do more. When she take a whole day to dress and do her makeup in order tolook beautiful for you, all she want you to do is appreciate what you see. If she takes her time to prepare a meal for you, even if that’s not the most delicious meal you have ever had, Just give her that satisfaction that she is the best cook. Always let her know that you appreciate everything she did and everything she is doing.

  • Always be there for you

This is something that a lot of men take for granted everyday in their relationship.Sometimes she just want to know that you are there for her. Even if you don’t have anything to say, just listen to her. Make her feel like you are there and will always be there for her. She will open up to you if she is in love with you, she will talk to you about her insecurities, her personal problems, her family problem, her business and almost everything about her. Sometimes she is not expecting you to say or do anything extra, she just want you to listen and always be willing to listen to her. Let her share her entire world with you comfortably.

  • Surprise her

Women love surprises! Yes you hear me. Women love surprises to an extend that some of them go to the extend of paying for stuffs and acting surprised. The truth is for what ever reason, women love and will always love surprises. Surprise her with a gift, surprise on a date, surprise her with money or anything she likes. Surprising a woman is more like giving her assurance and recognizing her presence. It must not be anything big. The funny part is most times the things that mean a lot to women are minor stuffs.

  • Love and respect her family

Women don’t just with their families. Whether she is black, Spanish, white or Asian, Women don’t joke with their families. If a woman is committed to you she will ensure that you are accepted and we’ll respected in her family. Her family is always your second home an can count on them. You cannot be in a serious relationship with an African woman without the knowledge of her family, not to even talk or think of marriage. Her family must accept and approve you to be part of their family.

  • See her as a partner

Some communities place women are second class citizen and in some cases reduced to the level of being compared to kids. A woman is not a minor or a mere additional. A woman is a partner, someone that complete you as a man. The African culture places women in a higher place therefore, they consider equity more than equality. She doesn’t to be equal to you, she just wants to be cared for, given and chance and provided with her needs. Let her know that her ideas, opinions and suggestions are as important as yours.Give her the impression that she matters, her opinions and ideas matters, everything about her matters.

  • Your money is her money and her money is her money

This is something you need to be aware of in order to live happily with an African woman. You need to understand that women love money and always wants to have more of it.  If she need something like shoes, she wants to buy it with your Money or have you buy it for her. Don’t expect her to give you money but always expect her to need money from you. Sometimes people misunderstand this concept but let me make it clear. She is not giving you the money not because she is greedy or wants to use it on someone else. She is saving it for when both of you are in a serious situation and cannot provide. Her money is only your money there is a life threatening issue. Women don’t waste their money, they rather waste yours on their wants but keep theirs for unavoidable needs.

  • Be compassionate

Show compassionate towards her and others.  Women loves kind hearted men and appreciates thoughtful gestures. An African woman want you to have good manners, respect everyone and treat people with love.Be affectionate and courage, don’t be quick to Into conclusion or spill out demeaning words. Just be a caring gentleman lovely romantic man.

  • Support and take side with her

Take side with her in public and correct her in private. Women wants to be sure that you on their side. Whether she is wrong, defend her publicly and correct her when it’s just you and her. She will listen, pay attention and be willing to learn and adjust.

This list is not the complete list of everything you should do to make an African women happy or keep her happy in a relationship. The list is unending but the major points has been highlighted .

10 Reasons Why You Should Date An African Man -Date Afrikans

Why should I date an African Man

Why you should date an African Man

Why should a woman date an African Man

Dating an African Man is fun and the happiest thing that can happen to any woman in the world. Whether he is an African living in Africa, America, Europe or anywhere in the world, African men are always the same.

Here are 10 Reasons why you should consider dating an African Man

  1. African men have good manners and a strong sense of chivalry

This is a vital feature that is quickly eroding amongst most home-grown men in America, Europe, Asia and other continents. Although reports suggests that African societies are not progressive when it comes to women’s right’s, women are more cared for in Africa at the same time. The African culture places men in a position where it’s their duty to take care of their woman both mentally, financially, emotionally and physically. African men will pay for the first date, second date etc. and continuously shower you with gifts and love

  • Security and protection

By dating an African Man, you have secured yourself, your family and friends. An African manis very protective and can go to any limit to defend his woman, her family and friends. It is better to get in trouble with the police than mess with an African man’s woman. They understand and are aware of a woman’s needs and can do anything to keep their woman happy and protected. Once they are committed, they become addicted to things that will keep her happy.

  • African men are cold blood hustlers

African is a continent that has been destabilized by many forces, gradually the society has embraced the theory of Survival of the fittest. For one to excel, they must sacrifice a lot extra. Dating an African Man will automatically boost and upgrade your hustler’s mindset. An African Man will encourage you to hustle, support your hustle and at the same time take care of you while you are hustling and after you succeed.

  • Good S*x

One might say “Its not all about the s*x” but one thing is certain, good s*x is something that every woman deserves. It has been proven severally that African men are extremely good at s*x. This probably explains why African men are the most victims of s*x trafficking and s*xualexploitation. A recent research by Date Afrikans in America revealed that 70% of white women prefers African men s*xually, 55% of Black Women prefer African men s*xually and 40% of Spanish women/Latina prefer African S*xually. African men are very energetic, wild and creative

  • They have a more balanced perspective about life

Almost every African knows just how special stability and comfort are. Africa is a continent that has been plaque by “Poverty” and wars, giving Africans a more balanced perspective about life than most Americans and Europeans who are used to a certain comfortable standard of living. African men don’t take life for granted and that’s surely who you deserve to be with as a woman.

  • Entertainment and Fun

Almost Every African knows a good story that has been passed down from generations to generations verbally. One unique thing is, the older the stories get, the more beautiful and versatile they become. Africans are naturally storytellers which makes them fun and entertaining. Dating an African Man is more like having a Cinema, Theatre, Spotify and YouTube combined without paying for any subscription or gate pass. Who doesn’t like African Entertainment?

  • African men are super neat

Neatness is a basic characteristics of the African culture. Looking good and keeping a hygienic environment is very important to African men. They use neatness to impress, attract and brag. If you are visiting an African Man, he will make sure that the house is properly cleaned and the room well arranged. They will ensure that everything is in order. Maybe this is because African women or women generally are attracted to neat men.

  • African men love healthy, organic food and knows how to cook

Eating organic food is a common culture of the Africans anywhere they are in the world. As people who grow food, they learn how to cook at a tender age. Most African men assisted their parents or guardian in the kitchen when they were growing up. As a result, African men develops a habit of eating organic home made nutritious food. They are regarded as the best cooks in the world

  • You and your kids will learn a new language(s) and culture (s)

Language plays a key role in every individual’s life, especially now that the world has become a global village. Africa is a continent with over 3000 languages across the 54 countries with each having a unique culture and almost every African country adopted a second language as a common language during and after colonialism. Therefore, majority of Africans can speak more than one language. By dating or marrying am African Man, you and your children or future children will have an opportunity to learn a second/new language and different culture(s).

  1. Traveling and the big fun family

Almost every African comes from a certain small village with big families. Family in Africa is extended and comprise of many people. Some Africans travelled from their villages to other villages, towns, cities, countries and continents. By dating or marrying an African, you have inherited a big family. By dating or marrying an African you might travel in one way or the way to meet with family members occasionally and trust me Africans have a gang of siblings, cousins, nephews, nieces, uncle’s, aunts, godparents and family friends. By dating or marrying an African you will have a lot of in-laws to entertain and many social functions to attend. One thing is certain, big families are a lot fun. Your kids on the other hand will have so much to play with and learn from