How to get your ex boyfriend back fast

Get your ex boyfriend to love you again


How can you get your ex boyfriend to love you again? Are you trying to get him back to you? It is very common to miss your ex or want him/her back to you. I understand that sometimes you regret breaking up with your ex partner after having deep thoughts and realizing the mistake(s) that led to the breakup. Whether you broke up with him or he broke up with you, If you still want him back there are few tips I will share with you in this short article that will help you to get him back. Read and pay attention carefully, you must apply each tip correctly in order to achieve your result

Tips on how to get your ex boyfriend back in a relationship and have him go crazy about you again. Here is what and what you should do

  • Give him space and get your head together

The first thing you should do is to give him enough space. Instead of chasing him up and down, bugging him with multiple calls and text messages, give him some space and take your time to prepare for what to do. Before approaching him you need to plan your game carefully. Men are simple and straightforward unlike females.Giving him time is very relevant and the first step to take.

  • Find the problem that led to the breakup

Did you broke up with him or he broke up with you? What led to the breakup? Did you cheat on him? Was he complaining about something that he wasn’t comfortable with? Was it because of someone or something in particular? There is a reason for every breakup. The reason for the breakup can also provide the solution. Take your time and carefully reflect on what went wrong. You have to be completely honest to yourself, leaves blames behind and tell yourself the truth. If you don’t do it right at this stage, it may be difficult for you to succeed. You must identify the cause in order to provide a solution

  • Plan a solution for the problem

After finding the problem, you need to plan how to solve the problem. The main thing  revolves around the problem that led to the breakup and how to solve the problem. How can you solve the problem? What is the best solution to the problem? It is obvious that without a solution the problem will continue which means it’s impossible for him to come back. Even if he was the one at fault, you are the one trying to get back with him so you have to provide the solution. How do you plan to solve the problem? The solution to the problem is the main key to get him back to you

  • Find a way to get his attention without looking desperate
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Now with your solution you are ready for discussion. After breakup a lot of people get in their feelings so they do everything possible to avoid their ex. Getting his attention might be a little bit difficult but that’s when you are not doing it right. Don’t try to get his attention with phone calls and text messages. Look out for the things he like and use it to get to him. Often visit places he likes to visit and talk to him in person or find someone closer to him who can assist you. It could be his sister, brother,  best friend or parent (s)

  • Apologize to him

Apologizing to him is very important. First you have to take responsibility and accept your flaws. Recognize that you were wrong for doing what you did and you regret it. Acknowledge the fact that your actions might have hurt him, then tell him how sorry you are for doingwhat you did. If he did something or you reacted to his actions, admit that you have forgiven him. Ask him for forgiveness and assure him that it will never happen again. Tell him how much you miss him, tell him how much you want him back with you. Also tell him how you plan to solve the problem and stop the situation from happening again.This process may take a little longer because someone people are not quick to forgive. You may have to be patient and try it over and over again with a new approach. You can regret your actions, apologize and ask for forgiveness without really begging or pleading. Do it stylishly with swag but humbleness

  • Regain his trust

He may forgive you and accept you back but regaining his trust is something you need to put in more efforts. Breakups usually comes with a broken trust. You need to make him trust you again, he wants to be sure that giving you a second chance is not a mistake.Desist from everything you are associated with that led to the breakup in the first instance. Stick to the solution you provided and be consistent. This may take a while because it is more difficult trusting someone again after an incidence. You must understand that regaining trust is a process and might take some time. He needs to be sure or be assured that you are serious and not back to hurt him once more

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Make him want you again

Some people move on real fast after a breakup. Getting him back is more like starting all of and building from the scratch. Don’t think that things will automatically go back to how it were before the breakup. To be honest it’s more difficult getting him to want you again after a breakup up.

How do you make your boyfriend want you again after makeup? There are few things you can do to make him want you again

  • Look Good All times

It has been proven that men are moved by what they see. Looking good is a sure way to make him want you again. Take shower as often as possible, dress nice, use good deodorants, make your hair, fix your nails, fix your lashes and do your makeup. Always make sure you appear nice and more frequently in his eyes. You can wear things that reveal your full shape while at home with him alone. Don’t come home everyday looking like a great grandma with a ponytail

  • Work on your character

A woman’s character is something that is often underestimated. Your beauty can attract a man but your character is the only thing that can keep him. Take your time and work on your character, avoid the things he doesn’t like and do the things he likes. If there is anything he has been complaining about, this is the perfect time to take care of it. Pleasing him is a sure way of making him want you much more.

  • Work on your body

Working on your body is a sure way of making a man want you. Like I said earlier, men are attracted to what they see. You can workout at the gym or at home to stay fit. Treat your skin and look as sexy as you can. Working on your body is very important for many reasons such as building confidence, flexible, staying in shape, becoming more active and more presentable.

  • Work on your mentality
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It is very true that a lot of men are attracted to what they see, but real men are more attracted to a woman’s mentality. Work on your mentality, how to reason and perceive things. He will go crazy about you when he notice that you have improved mentally. Place yourself high, think higher and bigger of yourself.

Stay away from bad company

Now that he is back with you and everything is going well, you have to completely desist from keeping bad company. The people you hang around with will have great influence on your relationship. You don’t want to destroy everything you have worked for because of the bad friends around you. Especially if the problem and reason for the first breakup was connected to a friend. Men are very watchful of the friends their girlfriend keeps.Ensure to be careful of the friends you keep.

Communicate with him

Communication is very key in every relationship. A successful or unsuccessful relationship is highly dependent on communication. There is a lot to learn from communicating with your partner especially after coming back from a breakup. Talk to him and ask him questions about the things he likes and the things he don’t, talk to him about the things you like and the things you hate. Talk to him about your feelings and insecurities and make sure you find out about his feelings and insecurities.

In conclusion

It might seem difficult getting your ex boyfriend back with and have him love you again like never before, but that’s only when you don’t know the right things to do. The above tips may not be complete or all you need in order to get your ex boyfriend to love you again. However we have covered the major points that can be of great help for anyone anywhere in the world who wants to get back with their ex boyfriend. Feel free to drop your opinion in the comment section

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