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DateAfrikans Tips on dating and keeping African men in a relationship

If you are not an African, you might think it’s difficult to make an African man happy. That’s not the case in reality. African men are rather unique but first you need to understand how to unravel the secret on how to make an African Man happy. The most interesting part is how an African Man will love and cherish you after you give him exactly what heis looking for. Dating an African man is the greatest experience every woman deserves to have.

In this article I will share tips on how to make an African Man happy and how to keep them in a romantic relationship. Pay attention to this and thank me later.

  1. Respect Him

Whether you are dating, engaged or married, one of the greatest weapon you can use to keep an African man in a relationship and make him happy is to respect him.  Men generally loves to be respected and that’s one quality a lot of women lack today. The African culture sees a man through his woman’s eyes. You need to understand that the people around him will treat him based on how you treat him. Always show respect and don’t take him for granted. Acknowledge his position and put respect on his name.

  • Understand his value system

Understanding an African man’s value system is very key if you want to make him happy. Pay attention to what he consider decent or embarrassing, what is right or wrong in his eyes. For instance if you go out with most African men and offer to pay the bills they will feel embarrassed or insulted. The culture teaches them to do everything for their women. You can pre arrange with him even though it’s your money, he will be the one paying the bills in the public.

  • Stay true to yourself

Be confident and proud of who you are and where you come from.Your personalityis what attracts a lot of men in a relationship. An African man wants his woman to stay true to herself, embrace who she is and be proud of what she have. Show your true colors and keep it real. Having a double personality is surely a turn off for a lot of African men. African men hates pretense with passion

  • Allow him to be the man of the house

Whether you are richer than him or more popular than him, you need to be submissive. You can be independent but he needs to be part of your decision making. In most cases all he want is to be the one making the final decision at the end of the day. The African culture places a woman where she needs to be submissive to her man once she is committed. Allow him to handle issues but be a supporting force. Here is a secret key, allow he to be the man while he will let you rule indirectly. That means he is the image of the relationship while you are making decisions underground. To keep a happy relationship with an African man you should be ready to let me feel like he is the head of the house. Once you place him there you can have him do anything you want

  • Feed him very well
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The easiest way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Find out what he likes to eat, when he likes to eat it and how to serve him. There is magic with feeding a man with good food. African men particularly loves to eat rich, healthy organic home-made food. Even if you cannot cook, make sure you always have a way of feeding him with what he likes to eat

  • Surprise him with acts of kindness

The little things matter! The truth is everyone loves positive surprises no matter how big or small. When you understand that his world revolves around you, all you can do is compliment him.Surprise him with a massage and pedicure, surprise him with a certain bill or a date. Just surprise him with something. Anything! Find out what his needs are and surprise him by providing.

  • Do not throw whatever you did for him in his face during an argument

This is one thing that will easily destroy your relationship with an African Man. Throwing what you have done for an African Man in his face is completely a turn off. He will feel insulted, embarrassed and humiliated. African men have pride and can do anything to protect it. Something like that will really hurt his pride and ego. Whatever you ever did for him will become useless once you throw it in his face especially during an argument.

  • Give him enough s*x
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I know people will say “S*x cannot keep a man”. This may be true but at the same time if you give a man everything and take s*x away from him, he will not be completely happy.The truth is men loves s*x and will to any extent to find good s*x. You should always learn new things.

  •  Look and smell Good for him

Men are moved by what they see. Looking good is another strategy you can use to keep a man in a relationship. Take good care of yourself, make your hair and nails, dress nice and use good deodorant. African men love their women looking magnificent. They take pride in having the most gorgeous woman in the neighborhood

  1. Love his family

Family is one thing Africans don’t play with. Everything revolves around family in one way or the other. Every African wants a woman that loves his parents and siblings, how his family sees you will determine a lot. Always make sure you have his family on your side.

11 . Appreciate Him

Every individual loves to be appreciated for whatever they have done. Show gratitude and appreciate him for whatever he has done for you, your family and friends.

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