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DateAfrikans will help you get your African girlfriend or wife addicted with these simple tips

Asking a girl out and having her accept you is one thing but making her addicted to you is another. Universally, understanding and pleasing a woman is as complicated as understanding the world itself. African girls or women are not different from the rest of the women out there, however there are some unique features about African women and how they perceive love.

African women are difficult to understand and satisfy especially if you are not African or lack adequate knowledge about African women. The complexity of an African woman is actually what makes her unique. Having an African woman as a girlfriend or a wife is the best thing that can happen to any man in the world. The best way you can enjoy an African girl is to have her addicted to you like a drug, that way she cannot be able to live without you.

Again, at this stage she will completely and uncontrollably depend of you emotionally. This tips are valid and has been perfectly working but might not be applicable to every African girl out there. Yes people say women are the same all over the world but that’s not completely true. Here are few tips that will get your African girlfriend or wife glued to you forever

  • Make her your priority. Prioritize her and make her your Centre of attraction. There is no feeling greater than a woman discovering that she is someone’s priority. Her feelings, emotions, physical and mental wellbeing should come first before anything else. Without hesitations, make her your priority and stand your grounds no matter what people say. Any woman in the world will give it all for you if you make her your priority except in rare cases where she is already turned off by you or has something against you. Put her first before anything or anyone else and keep it that way for as long as possible
  • Pay absolute attention to her. The word attention will always pop up anytime you are talking about how to treat a woman generally. Women lovesattention almost more than anything else. Pay close attention to her, whatever she does, what she hates and what she likes. There are things about her that you may never know if you don’t pay close attention to her and everything around her. Paying close attention to her is the only way that you can know her deeply. The information you gather from paying attention to her is very resourcefuland if utilized carefully, you can become the man of her dreams.
  • Work on your self. When it comes to African women, your personality is crucial. Let your personality speak and act for you. With your personality, you don’t have to do or say too much. African women or women generally pays close attention to a man’s personality which also determines the future of the relationship. African women want a man with an awesome personality, a man with a bright future, a man who represents something, a respectful and ambitious man with potentials of become successful. In addition to that, work on your physical appearance. Dress to kill, smell good, get in shape. I remember back in high school and college, the most intelligent boys and good looking guys were always surrounded by girls. Be a stand-up nice looking gentleman and not a yes-ma’am trashy stinking unhealthy one.
  • Have her back 100%. Even the most independent woman on earth depends on her man in one way or the other. Dependence is way beyond just financial implications. The essence of a man and a woman together in a relationship is to complete and compliment each other. Be her backup and support system, let her see you as someone she can always count on and do not disappoint her.Always be available to support her mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually, financially etc. Anytime any day anywhere.
  • Surprise her with lots of gifts. African women like any other women love surprises and gifts. My  friend from college  once told me that the easiest way to turn her on is by surprising her with a gift. She sees gift as a valuable token of appreciation. Gift in this context does not necessarily mean something expensive or with a financial value. When you pay close attention to a woman, you will understand her wants and needs. Take advantage and leverage on the things she likes. Some girls like roses, some likes colognes, some likes jewelries, some likes shopping or simply going on dates. You can surprise her with breakfast in bed or any other special treatment. You can surprise her on random days or important occasions in her life such as anniversaries, festivities or special occasions etc.
  • Make romantic love with her as often as possible.This might not be applicable to every African girl but majority of women out there loveand deserves good s*x. This does not solely imply having a large peanut or going for several rounds or lasting for hours. Love making is a complete package and process of intimate s*xual satisfaction. First she needs to be in the mood and completely into it. As a man it is your duty to find her weak spots and capitalize on it, gradually drown her into it without leaving her hanging. Once she is finally satisfied, cuddleher up and repeat the same next time with more intensity.
  • Give her money. Yes give her money anytime you have money. Women loves money. This does not imply that she is materialistic. The truth is money is a necessity for every human whether you like it or not. The African culture places a man in a position of providing for the family so it doesn’t matter whether she is rich. Giving your woman money is a sign of being responsible and considerate of your position as a man in the relationship.Your money is her money and her money is her money unless she decides to make her money your money.
  • Value, Appreciate and compliment her. Appreciating what a woman has done for you and what she is doing for you is something you should never neglect. Women are very sensitive and pays close attention to details.Tell her she is beautiful as often as possible, tell her how much you love her as often as possible, tell her how much you are proud to have her as your Woman. Let her know that you feel lucky having her by your side. Let her feel that you pay attention and acknowledge everything she is doing.Notice the changes on her both physically, mentally, emotionally and the things around her.
  • Always be available and ready to listen to everything she has to say. My friend broke up with her longtime boyfriend at a time when no one expected. We were all curious because none of us expected this and mostly because of how much they loved each other. We did everything possible to get them back together but it was too late. She had already moved on mentally because of negligence. According to what we found out, he was never willing to listen to her and neglected her for so long. Sometimes all she want you to do is listen. She want to tell you everything not always because she want you to do something about it, she just want to let it out because she trust you with her secrets. Always be there and willing to listen
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Conclusively, It might seem difficult to understand or please a woman. However, everything will fall in place when you calm down and do your homework as a man. The list here might not be complete so feel free to drop your opinion or experience in the comment box.

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