How to make an African woman happy – Top dating tips

Tips on dating and keeping African women in a relationship

Dating or marrying an African woman is the greatest thing that can happen to any man on earth. Women has been tagged as being complicated and hard to please or even understand. Understanding a woman might be difficult but generally women have a lot of things in common. African women are special and deserves a special treatment. Once you understand the important tips on how to make an African woman happy, your relationship will never be the same

In this article I will share tips in how to keep your African woman happy in a relationship

  1. Pay attention to her

Women love attention and can be extremely jealous and might even lose interest if you are not paying attention to her. Make her your Centre of attraction, pay attention to details and everything around her. Like every other woman, an African woman will give it all for you if you are attentive and always ready to pay attention to her. Whatever you are doing for her or giving to her, if the attention is missing she will definitely lose interest.  Sometimes she just want to be assured that you are paying attention to her and no one else.

  •  Appreciate her

Appreciating a woman can work like magic.  A woman wants to know that her efforts is genuinely appreciated. Appreciating an African woman or any other woman will encourage her to do more. When she take a whole day to dress and do her makeup in order tolook beautiful for you, all she want you to do is appreciate what you see. If she takes her time to prepare a meal for you, even if that’s not the most delicious meal you have ever had, Just give her that satisfaction that she is the best cook. Always let her know that you appreciate everything she did and everything she is doing.

  • Always be there for you
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This is something that a lot of men take for granted everyday in their relationship.Sometimes she just want to know that you are there for her. Even if you don’t have anything to say, just listen to her. Make her feel like you are there and will always be there for her. She will open up to you if she is in love with you, she will talk to you about her insecurities, her personal problems, her family problem, her business and almost everything about her. Sometimes she is not expecting you to say or do anything extra, she just want you to listen and always be willing to listen to her. Let her share her entire world with you comfortably.

  • Surprise her

Women love surprises! Yes you hear me. Women love surprises to an extend that some of them go to the extend of paying for stuffs and acting surprised. The truth is for what ever reason, women love and will always love surprises. Surprise her with a gift, surprise on a date, surprise her with money or anything she likes. Surprising a woman is more like giving her assurance and recognizing her presence. It must not be anything big. The funny part is most times the things that mean a lot to women are minor stuffs.

  • Love and respect her family
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Women don’t just with their families. Whether she is black, Spanish, white or Asian, Women don’t joke with their families. If a woman is committed to you she will ensure that you are accepted and we’ll respected in her family. Her family is always your second home an can count on them. You cannot be in a serious relationship with an African woman without the knowledge of her family, not to even talk or think of marriage. Her family must accept and approve you to be part of their family.

  • See her as a partner

Some communities place women are second class citizen and in some cases reduced to the level of being compared to kids. A woman is not a minor or a mere additional. A woman is a partner, someone that complete you as a man. The African culture places women in a higher place therefore, they consider equity more than equality. She doesn’t to be equal to you, she just wants to be cared for, given and chance and provided with her needs. Let her know that her ideas, opinions and suggestions are as important as yours.Give her the impression that she matters, her opinions and ideas matters, everything about her matters.

  • Your money is her money and her money is her money

This is something you need to be aware of in order to live happily with an African woman. You need to understand that women love money and always wants to have more of it.  If she need something like shoes, she wants to buy it with your Money or have you buy it for her. Don’t expect her to give you money but always expect her to need money from you. Sometimes people misunderstand this concept but let me make it clear. She is not giving you the money not because she is greedy or wants to use it on someone else. She is saving it for when both of you are in a serious situation and cannot provide. Her money is only your money there is a life threatening issue. Women don’t waste their money, they rather waste yours on their wants but keep theirs for unavoidable needs.

  • Be compassionate
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Show compassionate towards her and others.  Women loves kind hearted men and appreciates thoughtful gestures. An African woman want you to have good manners, respect everyone and treat people with love.Be affectionate and courage, don’t be quick to Into conclusion or spill out demeaning words. Just be a caring gentleman lovely romantic man.

  • Support and take side with her

Take side with her in public and correct her in private. Women wants to be sure that you on their side. Whether she is wrong, defend her publicly and correct her when it’s just you and her. She will listen, pay attention and be willing to learn and adjust.

This list is not the complete list of everything you should do to make an African women happy or keep her happy in a relationship. The list is unending but the major points has been highlighted .

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