Do you want her back? Well, DateAfrikans will sure make that happen! Are you trying to get her back? I know a couple of tips that Will help you win her back if you truly want her back.It might seem difficult to get her back but you don’t have to worry anymore. In this article I will give you few tips that will completely solve your problem. If you want your ex back or you think your girlfriend is losing interest in you, just do these things and see the magic

  1. Give her space. Constantly bugging her with calls and text messages is not a healthy move. Instead of calling and texting, go to places where you know she likes to visit and tell her how much you missed her
  2. Take your time and reflect on what went wrong. What was the cause of the break up? How did you lose her in the first place? When you take out your time and reflect on everything that happened, you will be aware of how she felt and how she might be feeling.This is where you have the opportunity of losing her forever or getting her back. She was hurt about something, she felt uncomfortable about something. What was it? What was the reason for the breakup? Did you broke up with her or she broke up with you? Understanding the reason and cause of the breakup is very important
  3. Plan a strategic apology. You have to think about the right way of addressing the problem after you have identified the problem. Look out for what she likes and use it to get her attention. You need to understand that getting her attention now is going to be more difficult than when you were asking her out in the first place. Once you get her attention, you need to apologize and take responsibility for your actions. Let her know why you want her back and the solution you have for the problem. At this point you must give her reasons why she should take you back. Make sure you ask her to forgive you
  4. Make her want you again. Forgiving you is not enough! You have to make her want you again. Breakupusually comes with heartbreak and a very negative energy. At this stage you must gradually make her want you again by being a gentleman. Treat her like a queen, buy her roses, take her on dates, spend more time with her at the places she likes to visit and the things she likes to do.Make her feel irreplaceable and let her see that you have changed and become a more reasonable, responsible gentleman.
  5. Work on yourself. Working on yourself is very important. Your primary job here is to focus on making yourself more attractive to her. You have to seduce her mentally and physically. Go to the gym or do workout at home, dress good, eat healthy, smell good and be coordinated.
  6. Avoid keeping bad company. The people you hang around with will have much influence on your relationship. Keeping bad company is completely a turn off for women especially if you are starting all over again. She will feel very insecure with the people you hang around with. Women are very careful and pays close attention after making up and starting all over.
  7. Win her trust. She may forgive you and give you another opportunity to prove that you are worth a second chance. Trusting you again will require you to do more to prove yourself. She wants to be sure that giving you a second chance was not a mistake, she wants to be sure that you won’t break her heart again. She wants to be sure that the problem has been solved. If the breakup happened because of another girl, completely disconnect from keeping females close. She won’t trust you around females anymore.
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