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Monthly Money Splash Contest

Cardiblogger Monthly Money Splash is a free online membership that helps users’ access local giveaways in their areas. Keep in mind if you use this site you’re most likely to get people in your location and a global audience that can help you win a minimum of 50k every month.

We are passionate about helping people in form of giveaways, but because we can’t give out to all our lovely users… That is why Monthly Money Splash is introduced to help people contest every month and stand a chance to win money.

We shall get our winner for the month of August 2021 which will be given 50k.

How to join the Monthly Money Splash?

It is pretty simple; activate your one time registration fee of 1k here. After which you will become eligible to participate in the contest every month.

What happens if I don’t win?

You can still contest the next month and any other month without any registration fee again as the 1k registration is a lifetime payment.

Can I contest again if I win?

Yes, you can contest the 3rd month. Example: if you win in August automatically September is not your month of contest but October. This means you will leave a month in between before you can contest again.

What will the contest be like?

We are using a modern online poll which allows users to vote their favourite contestants via a payment gateway. 100 Naira per vote. The vote automatically reflects on our system as soon as payment is made.

Can I get bulk votes?

Yes your friends and family members can vote for you multiple times a day e.g 10 Votes = 1000 NGN.

I am afraid one would rig the votes in favor of a contestant, am I safe?

We guarantee all our contestants a transparent contest as their votes reflect based on the exact value of money used to getting votes. This is a giveaway on another level… We want to give out.

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