How to identify a husband material

19 signs he’s a husband material

When a woman wants to settle down, she wants to settle where she will be happy and have peace of mind. A lot of women are running into marriages today without taking their time to find out if the man is good enough for marriage. Every man above the age is 18 is qualified for marriage but not every matured man is a good husband material. You may ask yourself this question (s)

  • What is a husband material?
  • What is a good husband material?
  • What does it mean to be a husband material?
  • What are the signs he’s the right one?

Going by definition, a husband material is a man you consider good enough to settle down with and spend the rest of your lives together. The major question here is

What makes a man a good husband material?

What are the qualities and characteristics that almost every woman should look out for in her future husband? We have taken our time to research properly on this topic. This article is written based on the opinions of over 100 women globally

Here are the Top 19 qualities and characteristics of a good husband material


Independence isa quality of a good husband material. He doesn’t need to be a millionaire or rich, he doesn’t need to have a fancy place to be qualified as a husband material. He only need to have a place of his own and be able to pay his own bills without depending on his parents or your parents.

If he still stays with his parents, does not plan on moving out soon and depends on them to pay his bills, he’s definitely not a husband material.


Respect is very important, a man who truly and genuinely respects women is a good husband material. When it comes to settling down with a man, respect should be your top priority. This goes beyond just you, look out for a man who is polite to you and other women out there.

A man who is rude and arrogant to women is not someone you should consider settling down with. A man who uses abusive words to describe a woman, a man who follows multiple porn accounts and chases every female around is definitely not a good husband material.


No human is perfect, we all have our down sides and shortcomings. If he sees you for who you truly are, if he knows and accepts your shortcomings without judging you, he is definitely a good husband material.

He will allow you to be yourself and make you feel comfortable being you around him, because he loves you for who you truly are.


You cannot qualify a man as a good husband material if he doesn’t pay attention to you. If he pays absolute attention to you, if he prioritize you and make you his center of attraction, he is definitely a good husband material. Men pay attention to where their heart is, they pay attention to everything she is doing and notices everything around her


If the relationship is important to him, he will prioritize it and keep it first before anything. If the relationship is the most important thing to him, he is definitely a good husband material. Marriage is a serious relationship that requires a lot of efforts to make it work. Find yourself a man who knows the importance of the relationship and is always willing to fight for the relationship


Family and friends is the most important circle in every individual’s life. One of the most important and best quality of a good husband or a potential husband is how he treats his own family and friends as well as your family and friends. He surely understands how important family is to every individual’s life and how valuable friends are.His family is important to him, how about your family? Does he care about them as a people? Does he treats and consider them his family too? Does he make efforts and try to blend in? A good husband material is that man who is interested in building a good relationship with your family, he accepts, respects, value and treat your family as his.


This is a very rare quality that you can find in men of today’s world. If he is willing and ready to let go of anything in order to be with you, if he is willing and ready to lose it all and start all over with you, he is definitely a good husband material. How sweet it is to have a man that will chose you over anything? He is willing and ready to let go of everything that stands in his way with you, that shows how valuable you are to him.


Your husband or future husband should be your greatest inspiration.A good husband material is a man who always pushes you to become the best at all cost.

He loves and accepts you for who you are, but at the same time want you to become the best. The way he lives his life and treats you makes you want to do better for him and yourself.

If he wants you to pursue your wildest dreams, if he wants you to break your bad habits and maintain the healthy lifestyle you have always wanted to live, he is definitely a good husband material.


Royalty and honest are rare qualities to find in an individual nowadays. Honesty and royalty should not be 50/50. It should be majored on 100%. If he tells you the truth about everything, If he doesn’t hide anything from you, if he involves you in everything he is doing, he is definitely a good husband material.

A good husband material is a man that never let his woman feel like she is not good enough for him,  he never put her in a position where she doesn’t know where she is standing with him.


His core values is very important if you are considering to settle down with him in marriage, core values are very essential in every marriage.If he share same vision of the future as you, if he shares same values, moral code, lifestyle as you, he is definitely a good husband material.

Both of you need to be on the same page for your marriage to work. Are you both ready to settle down and get married? Do both of you feel the same about having children? Is he on the same page as you when it comes to making important decisions? If yes, then he is definitely the one.


Conflicts and disagreements are part of every relationship. The question is how do you handle and resolve these conflicts and disagreements? A husband material knows how to resolve conflicts in a healthy way without things escalating. If he manages to talk to you and tries to solve conflicts, he is definitely a good husband material


Women like every other human loves humor. A man’s ability to make a woman laugh is another desired trait and quality of a good husband material. Great sense of humor is very important in a man. If he makes you laugh even if it means being silly to enlighten your day, if he is a good company and can keep you entertained, he is definitely a good husband material


A good husband should consider his woman a life partner. Some men out there consider women as minor the same way they consider kids. If he respects your ideas, thoughts, interest and makes sure he consider your opinions before making any decisions, he is definitely a good husband material.

It could be a big decision like starting a new company, moving to a new city, buying/building a house or a small decision like ordering lunch or where to have dinner. If he considers your input and makes sure that you are part of every decision making, he is definitely a good husband material.


Trust is a key element in every successful relationship or Marriage. If he never gives you a reason to doubt him or make you feel insecure, if he makes you feel like you can trust him with your eyes closed, he is definitely a good husband material.


Compassion is another important quality of a good husband material. Every woman deserves a man who can feel for others. If he shows that he cares for you and others, if he is that hero in your eyes, he is definitely a good husband material.


 A woman should only settle down with a man who is capable of making decisions, not a man that is always sitting on the fence. If he is decisive, he is definitely a good husband material.


One of the major quality and characteristics of a good husband material is a man that believes in himself. If he is aware of who he is and believes in himself, if he knows what he wants and goes for it, if he is aware of his potentials, he is definitely a good husband material.


Emotional maturity is another vital characteristics you should consider why choosing a man to settle down with. If he is matured enough to take charge and responsibilities, if he can own his mistakes and apologize when he is wrong, he is definitely a good husband material.


This is one of the essential qualities that is fast eroding in our current society. Money habits is something you should also consider before settling are own with a man as a woman. Take a good look at how he spends, his debt, his investment, his credit scores etc.

The reason for looking into this is not to see if he is broke or rich. The goal is to see how he spends and manages finance.


Marriage is one of the biggest decisions an individual can make in life. The goal is to get married and spend the years happily with your spouse. One must select carefully and look beyond physical appearance in order to find lasting relationship.

NOTE The above mentioned characteristics and quality are general features of a good husband material. Different women all over the world have different preference and might have other priorities while choosing a man for marriage.

How to spice up your relationship

15 important tips to spark up and spice up your boring relationship

Things are constantly changing on daily basis; life is becoming more and more difficult every day. In the midst of everything, a spiced up relationship can give you strength and hope to face the world fearlessly.

You can overcome a lot of life challenges when you are naturally happy from the inside. Genuine happiness has become rare in our modern society, the best way to build your comfort zone is by building a spark in your love life.

  • How can you spice up your relationship?
  • How can you build a spark in your boring relationship?
  • What are the 15 important relationship tips to spice up your relationship?

Here are few tips that will help you to build a spark and spice up your relationship


Our phones, tablets, computers has become our best friends and worst distraction. People tend to pay more attention to their devices than their loved ones. Social media and internet usage is increasing on daily basis with a good number of people becoming addicted to it. There is nothing worse than talking to your partner about yourself only for them to be scrolling down social media

Set a goal to detach from technology and technological appliances. Spend your free time with your partner. The time spent scrolling down your phone or laptop should be the time spent together with your partner. It may sound small but that will do magic.


Every individual is unique and has a different form of communication. People have different ways of expressing themselves. It is very important to learn your partner’s love language. You may love someone with every single cell in your body, unless you convey that love in a way that they will understand, they may never really feel loved or desired

You need to learn how your partner show and perceive love, what means of communication is best suitable for their understanding. Learning and communicating with your partner in their love language can also work magic.


It is not doubt that every human being love surprises. Send a bouquet of flowers to your loved one, surprise your lover with a movie ticket, a nice jewelry, a massage, a pedicure or anything.

Surprises must not be big, it could be anything. You already know your partner and what he/she wants, now it’s time to show it. Surprise your partner with what he/she wants.

Surprising your partner with anything is more like reminding them of how special they are to you.


Trying new stuffs with your partner is another great idea if you want to spice up your relationship. Try new restaurants or dishes together, travel to new places together, try cooking together in the kitchen, try a new coffee shop together. You can as well try new sex positions.

Just find a way of trying new things together with your partner. This will build more bound as both of you are spending time together and exploring together.


Go on dates as often as possible with your partner. Dates is a great way of reminding yourself of how much you want to spend time with each other outside your home. Go on date nights, go on date to the movies, go to the waterfall, go to a park or any place of importance.


Give each other space and spend some time apart. Allow yourself to miss your partner, allows your partner to miss you. Giving yourself the opportunity to miss each other will make you realize how much you love each other.

Sometimes you don’t recognize how much you care about someone until you’re really miss them. It is hard to appreciate someone when you are constantly around them. Make out time and stay away from your partner, spend time with your friends and family, spend time on your hobbies and allow yourself to feel the excitement of seeing your partner after missing him/her


There are places with great memories that can never be forgotten in a lifetime. Those places are worth revisiting with your partner. You can revisit the place where you met your partner or recreate the first date experience. You can’t live in the past but you can turn back the clock by revisiting old memories.

This will remind you of your feelings for each other and how far you have come with your partner. This experience is more like taking a tour in your memory lane to remind yourself of the beautiful things you have experienced together. This will also remind you that those feelings you had for each other is still alive today


Two different individuals can not be the same, think the same way, behavior the same way and react the same way. Even twins are not completely the same with everything.

The best thing you can do for your partner is to support them in the things they love, the major key here is to learn and understanding the things they love. Understanding how your partner thinks, behaves and react is key and a sure way of spicing up your relationship


Intimacy is very important. Find a way to touch and keep direct contact with your partner throughout the day. Get more of that sweet feeling of spending time together with your partner, hold hands while working down the driveway, look into each other’s eyes, kiss your partner as often as possible and involve in romantic love making. There is a huge difference between having sex and Love making. Getting more intimate with your partner will reinforce the feeling you have for each other


Engage yourself and your partner in fun activities more frequently. Play games with your partner, Dance with your partner or you can simply play hide and seek. You can go swimming, ice skating, fishing, hiking or simply walking. Fun activities are much more fun when you engage yourself with your partner. The fun you have together will go a long way for the relationship.


Love note is one of the oldest practices that is still relevant till today. Technology has taken over with little attention now given to written notes. This is an opportunity for you to remind your partner of how special they are by taking your time to leave a written heartfelt note.

This act will surely reignite the love and romance. It could be sliding a note in their pockets for them to read before going about their daily businesses, or leaving a note on the bed or on the bathroom mirror to start his/her day with a beautiful smile


The truth is, relationship is a two ways street. There is a saying that you have to treat others the way you want to be treated. This is also applicable in a relationship and can be used to spice up the relationship. You have to create what you want and not just wait for it to happen.

If you want your partner to be romantic, you have to lead the way by being romantic. If you want to be served breakfast in bed, why not try to serve your partner breakfast in bed? By doing something for your partner that you want your partner to do for you, you are not only inviting your partner to do it to you, and you are also introducing something new for both of you. This act is a sure way to spice up your relationship.


Sometimes it’s all about pleasing your partner and making them feel special. As different individuals, we have difference preferences or choices. You can spice up your relationship by simply offering to do what your partner likes but you don’t. You can suggest a movie that you know your partner likes but you find boring. You can decide to eat your partner’s favorite dish that you never liked.

In every relationship, compromise is key. But how sweet it is to let your partner win without him/her having to compromise? Try to give your partner that satisfaction without them having to ask for it


A lot of people take this for granted; besides your partner loves you so there is no need to impress him/her. That’s not completely true. There is every need to impress your partner every day. He/she will love your regardless but there is more to impressing an individual. Step up your game, dress hot, learn new styles etc. Put in extra work to please and impress your partner.


Eating with your partner is another healthy way of spicing up your relationship. Have breakfast with your partner, bring lunch to their work place and eat with them or have dinner together. You can go on a dinner date with your partner and enjoy the meal together

Eating together is much more fun than you can ever imagine. You can as well try to feed each other during the meal

Building a spark in your relationship is necessary to keep the fire burning in your love life. Take out your time and not just learn, but also practice the above highlighted tips on how to spice up your relationship.

Thanks for reading and don’t forget to share.

How to get your ex boyfriend back fast

Get your ex boyfriend to love you again


How can you get your ex boyfriend to love you again? Are you trying to get him back to you? It is very common to miss your ex or want him/her back to you. I understand that sometimes you regret breaking up with your ex partner after having deep thoughts and realizing the mistake(s) that led to the breakup. Whether you broke up with him or he broke up with you, If you still want him back there are few tips I will share with you in this short article that will help you to get him back. Read and pay attention carefully, you must apply each tip correctly in order to achieve your result

Tips on how to get your ex boyfriend back in a relationship and have him go crazy about you again. Here is what and what you should do

  • Give him space and get your head together

The first thing you should do is to give him enough space. Instead of chasing him up and down, bugging him with multiple calls and text messages, give him some space and take your time to prepare for what to do. Before approaching him you need to plan your game carefully. Men are simple and straightforward unlike females.Giving him time is very relevant and the first step to take.

  • Find the problem that led to the breakup

Did you broke up with him or he broke up with you? What led to the breakup? Did you cheat on him? Was he complaining about something that he wasn’t comfortable with? Was it because of someone or something in particular? There is a reason for every breakup. The reason for the breakup can also provide the solution. Take your time and carefully reflect on what went wrong. You have to be completely honest to yourself, leaves blames behind and tell yourself the truth. If you don’t do it right at this stage, it may be difficult for you to succeed. You must identify the cause in order to provide a solution

  • Plan a solution for the problem

After finding the problem, you need to plan how to solve the problem. The main thing  revolves around the problem that led to the breakup and how to solve the problem. How can you solve the problem? What is the best solution to the problem? It is obvious that without a solution the problem will continue which means it’s impossible for him to come back. Even if he was the one at fault, you are the one trying to get back with him so you have to provide the solution. How do you plan to solve the problem? The solution to the problem is the main key to get him back to you

  • Find a way to get his attention without looking desperate

Now with your solution you are ready for discussion. After breakup a lot of people get in their feelings so they do everything possible to avoid their ex. Getting his attention might be a little bit difficult but that’s when you are not doing it right. Don’t try to get his attention with phone calls and text messages. Look out for the things he like and use it to get to him. Often visit places he likes to visit and talk to him in person or find someone closer to him who can assist you. It could be his sister, brother,  best friend or parent (s)

  • Apologize to him

Apologizing to him is very important. First you have to take responsibility and accept your flaws. Recognize that you were wrong for doing what you did and you regret it. Acknowledge the fact that your actions might have hurt him, then tell him how sorry you are for doingwhat you did. If he did something or you reacted to his actions, admit that you have forgiven him. Ask him for forgiveness and assure him that it will never happen again. Tell him how much you miss him, tell him how much you want him back with you. Also tell him how you plan to solve the problem and stop the situation from happening again.This process may take a little longer because someone people are not quick to forgive. You may have to be patient and try it over and over again with a new approach. You can regret your actions, apologize and ask for forgiveness without really begging or pleading. Do it stylishly with swag but humbleness

  • Regain his trust

He may forgive you and accept you back but regaining his trust is something you need to put in more efforts. Breakups usually comes with a broken trust. You need to make him trust you again, he wants to be sure that giving you a second chance is not a mistake.Desist from everything you are associated with that led to the breakup in the first instance. Stick to the solution you provided and be consistent. This may take a while because it is more difficult trusting someone again after an incidence. You must understand that regaining trust is a process and might take some time. He needs to be sure or be assured that you are serious and not back to hurt him once more

Make him want you again

Some people move on real fast after a breakup. Getting him back is more like starting all of and building from the scratch. Don’t think that things will automatically go back to how it were before the breakup. To be honest it’s more difficult getting him to want you again after a breakup up.

How do you make your boyfriend want you again after makeup? There are few things you can do to make him want you again

  • Look Good All times

It has been proven that men are moved by what they see. Looking good is a sure way to make him want you again. Take shower as often as possible, dress nice, use good deodorants, make your hair, fix your nails, fix your lashes and do your makeup. Always make sure you appear nice and more frequently in his eyes. You can wear things that reveal your full shape while at home with him alone. Don’t come home everyday looking like a great grandma with a ponytail

  • Work on your character

A woman’s character is something that is often underestimated. Your beauty can attract a man but your character is the only thing that can keep him. Take your time and work on your character, avoid the things he doesn’t like and do the things he likes. If there is anything he has been complaining about, this is the perfect time to take care of it. Pleasing him is a sure way of making him want you much more.

  • Work on your body

Working on your body is a sure way of making a man want you. Like I said earlier, men are attracted to what they see. You can workout at the gym or at home to stay fit. Treat your skin and look as sexy as you can. Working on your body is very important for many reasons such as building confidence, flexible, staying in shape, becoming more active and more presentable.

  • Work on your mentality

It is very true that a lot of men are attracted to what they see, but real men are more attracted to a woman’s mentality. Work on your mentality, how to reason and perceive things. He will go crazy about you when he notice that you have improved mentally. Place yourself high, think higher and bigger of yourself.

Stay away from bad company

Now that he is back with you and everything is going well, you have to completely desist from keeping bad company. The people you hang around with will have great influence on your relationship. You don’t want to destroy everything you have worked for because of the bad friends around you. Especially if the problem and reason for the first breakup was connected to a friend. Men are very watchful of the friends their girlfriend keeps.Ensure to be careful of the friends you keep.

Communicate with him

Communication is very key in every relationship. A successful or unsuccessful relationship is highly dependent on communication. There is a lot to learn from communicating with your partner especially after coming back from a breakup. Talk to him and ask him questions about the things he likes and the things he don’t, talk to him about the things you like and the things you hate. Talk to him about your feelings and insecurities and make sure you find out about his feelings and insecurities.

In conclusion

It might seem difficult getting your ex boyfriend back with and have him love you again like never before, but that’s only when you don’t know the right things to do. The above tips may not be complete or all you need in order to get your ex boyfriend to love you again. However we have covered the major points that can be of great help for anyone anywhere in the world who wants to get back with their ex boyfriend. Feel free to drop your opinion in the comment section

Why do people cheat in a relationship?

Today on Date Afrikans we have decided to take a tour towards finding out something very crucial. This might sound like a regular question but there is more to it.

  • Why do people cheat?
  • What is the reason for cheating?
  • What is your personal reason for cheating?
  • What will make you cheat?

We carried out a physical and online research to find out“Why People Cheat” and the various answers will blow your mind. I know you have your own opinion on Why People Cheat or probably have your own personal reason for cheating.

Cheaters are the most creative and hard working people. This is because; cheating is the most difficult game to play. Cheaters live on lies to survive. They live on excuses such as occupation, distance, weather, time etc.

They are very calculative and can take any available chance just to cheat. Some people cheat not because the people they are cheating with are better than their partners. Let’s look at the various reasons why people cheat


Attention is very important in every relationship. Lack of attention can cause a lot of damages to your relationship. A good number of people agreed that they have cheated on their partners because of lack of attention; some went further to say they will cheat and continue to cheat if someone else is paying more attention to them than their partner.


This is one of the major reason why a lot of people are cheating on their partner and will continue to cheat. A good number of people lack the ability to control their sexual urge, they are weak and can only focus on satisfying their immediate sexual desires.


Some people suggested that distance should not be an excuse, but majority insisted that distance can play a role in cheating. Distant relationship is very difficult to deal with, a good number of people cannot be faithful in a distant relationship.

For several reasons, people try to pretend and lie to themselves but deep down they cannot deal with the pressure and cravings of spending time together with someone in real life.


Money can cause a lot of good things and bad things. A lot of people have cheated on their partners because of money; some are still cheating and will continue to cheat for the same reason. Lack of money can push an individual into doing so many things in order to survive or provide


This may surprise you but it is true. There are people out there who can go to any limit and do anything for revenge. So many people especially women admitted that they have cheated on their partners for revenge. Some said that the only reason they can cheat on their partner is if they find out that their partner is cheating on them.


A lot of people blame addiction as the reason and excuse for cheating. Addiction in this instance comes in different forms

Sexual addiction. A good number of people out there are sexual addicts; they can not do without having sex for a couple of days. That means if their partner is not around for a couple of days, they have to cheat in order to satisfy their addiction. Also if their partner is sick or cannot satisfy them sexually, they have to find a replacement

Drug addiction. Drug addicts are also liable to cheat on their partners. A lot of people cannot control themselves when they are abuse drugs. This often results to sexual interactions with whoever is available and willing. Some drugs addicts go as far as raping in order to satisfy their urge

Alcohol Addiction. Alcohol Addiction is also risky and can be a reason for cheating. People who drink a lot of alcohol are liable to cheat on their partners when they are drunk. Everything looks better and brighter when you are tipsy on alcohol.


A good number of people insisted that people cheat because of variety. There are people whose intention is to try every variety such as;

Shape and Size. A good number of people cheat because of shape and size. They want to try different shapes just to have the feeling. A girl confessed that she has slept with a fat guy, a slim guy and a well built guy.

Same thing applies to men; they want to have that feeling of sleeping with a fat lady, a thick lady, a slim lady, lady with a big backside, lady with a small backside, lady with big boobs, lady with small boobs and so on.

Height. A couple of people agreed that people cheat because of height. They want to know what it feels like sleeping with a tall man/woman, they want to know what it feels like sleeping with a short man/woman, they also wants to know what it feels like sleeping with an average height person

Race and complexion. Race is another reason why people cheat on their partners. A good number of people out there want to know how it feels like sleeping with an African, White, Spanish, Asian, Arabian etc. They have cheated on their partners, they are willing to cheat on their partners just to try a different race.Others simply want to have that feeling of sleeping with a dark skinned, light skinned and brown skinned person.


A lot of people are in a relationship today not because they are in love with the person but for one reason or them other they have to continue with the relationship. Their true feelings and heart is somewhere but they are in a relationship with someone else. In some cases people also cheat because they feel like they are not receiving the love that they deserve. They don’t feel loved anymore so they have to look somewhere else


This may sound ridiculous but it’s true. Some people admitted cheating on their partners because they were curious to know what it feels like cheating. A friend of mine told me that he cheated on his wife just to know how it feels like.


This was one of the most interesting points during the various interviews. A large percentage of people insisted that anger can make one cheat on their partner


Truth of the matter is that, people cheat for no reasonable reason.

A good number of men are moved by what they see. The moment they see a lady, they start calculating many things which will lead to a tryout.

A good number of women are moved by what they hear and touch. It’s difficult for them to be interested at first, but they become more interested later on.

You can’t really tell who cheats more in a relationship between a man and a woman. Everybody is born with a cheating tendency; it all depends on your choice.




Do you want her back? Well, DateAfrikans will sure make that happen! Are you trying to get her back? I know a couple of tips that Will help you win her back if you truly want her back.It might seem difficult to get her back but you don’t have to worry anymore. In this article I will give you few tips that will completely solve your problem. If you want your ex back or you think your girlfriend is losing interest in you, just do these things and see the magic

  1. Give her space. Constantly bugging her with calls and text messages is not a healthy move. Instead of calling and texting, go to places where you know she likes to visit and tell her how much you missed her
  2. Take your time and reflect on what went wrong. What was the cause of the break up? How did you lose her in the first place? When you take out your time and reflect on everything that happened, you will be aware of how she felt and how she might be feeling.This is where you have the opportunity of losing her forever or getting her back. She was hurt about something, she felt uncomfortable about something. What was it? What was the reason for the breakup? Did you broke up with her or she broke up with you? Understanding the reason and cause of the breakup is very important
  3. Plan a strategic apology. You have to think about the right way of addressing the problem after you have identified the problem. Look out for what she likes and use it to get her attention. You need to understand that getting her attention now is going to be more difficult than when you were asking her out in the first place. Once you get her attention, you need to apologize and take responsibility for your actions. Let her know why you want her back and the solution you have for the problem. At this point you must give her reasons why she should take you back. Make sure you ask her to forgive you
  4. Make her want you again. Forgiving you is not enough! You have to make her want you again. Breakupusually comes with heartbreak and a very negative energy. At this stage you must gradually make her want you again by being a gentleman. Treat her like a queen, buy her roses, take her on dates, spend more time with her at the places she likes to visit and the things she likes to do.Make her feel irreplaceable and let her see that you have changed and become a more reasonable, responsible gentleman.
  5. Work on yourself. Working on yourself is very important. Your primary job here is to focus on making yourself more attractive to her. You have to seduce her mentally and physically. Go to the gym or do workout at home, dress good, eat healthy, smell good and be coordinated.
  6. Avoid keeping bad company. The people you hang around with will have much influence on your relationship. Keeping bad company is completely a turn off for women especially if you are starting all over again. She will feel very insecure with the people you hang around with. Women are very careful and pays close attention after making up and starting all over.
  7. Win her trust. She may forgive you and give you another opportunity to prove that you are worth a second chance. Trusting you again will require you to do more to prove yourself. She wants to be sure that giving you a second chance was not a mistake, she wants to be sure that you won’t break her heart again. She wants to be sure that the problem has been solved. If the breakup happened because of another girl, completely disconnect from keeping females close. She won’t trust you around females anymore.