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Make a girl or woman go crazy about you today and forever.

In this article on DateAfrikans we shall expose you to secretes on how to get a girl or woman addicted to you forever!

If you have been wondering how you can make that girl/woman  fall  deeply in Love with you, then this article Is specifically for you. A woman is a special gift from God to a man. In order to enjoy a woman to the fullest, she must be completely in love with you. Women are very sensitive and tends to pay absolute attention to details, they are moved by what they hear and what they feel. If you want a girl/woman to completely fall in love with you, first you should consider doing the following

  1. Pay absolute attention to her. Pay absolute attention to her, what she likes and what she hates, what she wants to do and what she doesn’t want to do. Pay close attention to details and everything around her. When you pay attention to a woman you will understand her strength and weakness. With this information you already have the key to her heart. Girls and women loves attention so much. The more you pay attention to her, the more space she will create in her heart for you.
  2. Always give her compliments. Women love compliment especially when it’s coming from her man. Tell her she is beautiful as often as possible. Recognize the changes on her and whatever she does to look more beautiful. If she cook for you, remember to appreciate her and tell her how sweet the food is. Tell her how beautiful she looks in every dress she wears, how beautiful her new hair looks, how beautiful her nails are. Let her know how lucky and proud you are to have her as your woman. Girls/women takes compliments very serious at all times
  3. Give her assurance. Women love to be assured. Giving a woman assurance is one of the thing that will keep the fire burning in your relationship or marriage. She constantly wants to be assured. Combine romantic words and follow up with actions. Let her know that there is no hope or space for someone else, let her see that the relationship is heading somewhere tangible.
  4. Take her on dates. Dates are very crucial in sustaining  and spicing up love life. Your relationship is incomplete if you don’t go on dates with your partner. Make out time to take her out on a date, do this more often, go to new places and try new things. Take her out to see a movie, take her to the beach, take her to a fun park, take her out to new restaurants, events and engage her in fun activities. Taking a woman out on a date will expose you to deep information about her and this might be all you need.
  5. Surprise her with gifts. It mustn’t be expensive or things with financial benefits. Women love to receive gifts as surprises from whoever they are committed to. Give her roses, buy her a dress, shoes or jewelries. If you are rich, surprise her with exotic cars, expensive jewelries and luxurious vacations.You can surprise her with gifts on occasions like her birthday or festivities. Pay attention to things she love and surprise her with them
  6. Show compassion. Women love men who are compassionate towards other people. Be kind to her and others especially when you are around her.You don’t want her to see you are a bully or bad person, she wants someone who care about other. This will guarantee her Mental and physical safety around you.
  7. Always be ready to listen to her. Sometimes women are not telling you something for you to do anything about it. Give her the chance to talk to you about everything without judging her. Be willing to listen to everything she has to say. If she is comfortable  telling you everything, she definitely consider you her best friend.
  8. Show her to the world. Be proud of her and show her to the world. Showing her to the world will increase your chances of caving a permanent place in her heart. Post her on your social media handles, go out with her and hold her hand in public. Putting her out there will surely give her the feeling that there is no one else.
  9. Support her through everything. Always take her side no matter what. When she is wrong, take her side in public and correct her in private. Always give her a shoulder to lean on in every situation. When you become her support system, you automatically occupy the biggest place in her heart. Be ready to be her backup at all times, through the bad and good.
  10. Make her your best friend. Make sure you are the best friend she has ever had! Let her be your best friend who you can share everything with. Once she sees you as her best friend, your place in her heart will grow even bigger. Work on making a strong friendship bounds

Conclusively, she will become addicted to you like a drug if you do the above tips right. She will never leave because she won’t be able to do without you.