8 key and essential habits for building a healthy relationship

What are the essential habits for building a healthy relationship?

A healthy relationship is what every human being deserves. One of the basic key of living a healthy life is having a healthy relationship with your partner. Some of us have developed the skills and mastered the art and act of building healthy relationships from experiences and practices.

Building a healthy relationship is not a skill or talent acquired at birth. These are skills like any other skills that can be learned, practiced and mastered if one recognizes the needs and importance and is willing to take time and efforts  to develop them.

Everyone can become a builder and build a healthy relationship by clearing their mind, accepting, learning and practicing the basic necessary acts and behaviors.

  • How do you build a strong relationship?
  • What are the most important things we should consider in a relationship?

Here are few basic tips on how to build and maintain a healthy and lasting relationship.


Communication is very key in every successful relationship. One of the greatest practices in keeping a healthy relationship is your ability to communicate with your partner openly. Both partners should be able to talk about how they feel at any given time

Expressing your true feelings is very important in every relationship. Whatever you say or did not say could mean something and may influence the relationship in one way or the other. Holding back your true feelings could mean more trust needs to be build, it could also mean that one isn’t sure how the other will respond. It could as well mean one is afraid of being judged.

Communication in whatever form, whether verbal or none verbal can go a long way as it is the only way to share our true feelings with each other. The knowledge and information gathered from communicating with your partner can go a long way in solving problems that may emanate in the future.

In Situations where the communication has become unhealthy, when one partner sees the need to influence the other’s thoughts, it is very important to set boundaries and respect the boundaries. Setting limits and respecting the boundaries can also influence a healthy communication. A healthy relationship is one where boundaries are honored.


The ability to listen in a relationship is very important. Communication cannot be complete without a listener who is willing to listen. Everyone’s desire is to be heard, unfortunately only few people are thought and have the ability to listen. A good number of people spend more time thinking about what to say next instead of paying attention to what is being said. Both partners should feel relatively comfortable bringing up issues, expressing themselves and listening to one another.

Naturally we tends to bound with people who are always willing and ready to listen and pay attention to details. When a person’s emotions, needs or feelings are ignored or not well respected, the relationship suffer the consequences. It is vital for both partners to make time and space for each other. Be there and be willing to listen to your partner’s feelings and needs.

In a situation where any of the partner is disrespectful, demeans the other, ignores and sees the need to disrupt the other, the relationship can be considered abusive and unhealthy.


Trust is another important element for building a healthy relationship. Trust is very significant in every successful relationship. It is very important to have a personal relationship or friendship with your partner outside the romantic or intimate relationship.Trust is somehow difficult to build or manage and must be maintained in order to keep a healthy relationship

Trusting someone is more like knowing that they will do what they say they will do, when they say they will do it and when they say they will do it. Trust in a relationship is knowing and believing that your partner is who he/she presents himself/herself to be. Trusting your partner in a relationship is also feeling free to spend time with others like family and friends without suspicion.

Once trust is broken, the relationship becomes unhealthy. Trust is difficult to build but easy to break. Once broken, it may take a while to rebuild.  A relationship can also become unhealthy when one or both partners start feeling jealous of the other spending time with other people in their life

A situation where one partner is suspecting the other of cheating,it may cause great damages to the relationship. The feeling of being cheated on is a nightmare. A scenario where one partner is constantly accusing the other of flirting with others and interacting with others behind their back, these could be signs of an abusive behavior and mistrust and may lead to isolation and depression.

Building trust in a relationship can go long way to protect the future of the relationship as well as protect both partners from becoming damaged.


Paying attention to your partner is very important. There are things that you must not be told or physically shown. We tend to appreciate people who notice what is going on in our lives even without being told. We remember, value, respect and appreciate those who ask us “Is Everything okay”, even if we haven’t told them that anything is wrong. This is a clear indication that needs no explanation of whether they are paying attention to us or not.

Pay absolute attention to your partner, the things they like and they things they don’t like, the things they do and the things they don’t do. When someone is talking, pay attention not only to what they are saying and the tone of their voice. Also pay attention to their facial expressions and body language. By doing so you will be able notice when their words don’t match their body language or facial expressions. Sometimes people can say one thing but feel another. This information will open door for a deeper and more meaningful conversation that may lead a greater understanding.

Paying absolute attention to your partner is a sure way of building deeper connections and better understanding which is necessary for building a healthy relationship.


The truth is there is no perfect relationship anywhere in the world. Disagreements are Normal in every relationship. Two different individuals can not be the same, think the same way and see everything the same way. It is common to have different opinions, preferences, beliefs, values and perceptions between two partners.

A relationship without conflict means both partners are obviously avoiding the conflict which is more risky and harmful to the relationship. Conflict in a relationship means something needs attention, something needs to be changed or worked on within the relationship. The most important thing is how couples deal with conflict not the conflict itself

The most respectful and intelligent way of working through disagreements in a relationship is by carefully listening to understand each other. Understanding is key when it comes to resolving conflicts and argument in a relationship. You cannot see someone’s point of view without proper understanding.

In some cases disagreements turn into fights and more frequently. Some  conflicts often escalates leaving the fear of bringing up issues of important. These are clear signs of unhealthy, violent and abusive relationship.


Remembering things that are important to others is another important habit for building a healthy relationship. It feels special especially when someone you love remembers and acknowledges what is important to you. This shows how much they pay attention to you and how much they know and value you. People often talk about the people and things that are important to them, just pay attention carefully and take notes

It could be family members, an event, a place, or a hobby. You can take note and create a portfolio about your partner that way you can always refer to it.

If you are careless and does not recognize or remember things that are important to your partner, they may feel unwanted, neglected and uncared for. These are signs of an unhealthy relationship that may lead to a lot of negativity.


Understanding your partner and having a mutual intimacy with your partner is very important for building a healthy relationship. Talk to your partner and pay close attention to issues of intimacy. Talk about sex, how they prefer it, when they prefer it, how often they want it and how much they want it. Sexual satisfaction is key and very important in every successful relationship.

Healthy relationships allows space for mutual connections and intimacy. Ensure to establish healthy boundaries and talk openly about your physical and emotional desires

Building mutual intimacy is very beneficial for both partners. If both or one of the partners is embarrassed or unwilling to say how they feel because of the fear of being judged, or they are worried that their partner may not listen or care, it will make the intimacy more stressful then enjoyable.

Feel free and create a free environment for your partner to say what they want, how they want it, when they want it and where they want it.


One of the greatest mistakes people make in relationship on daily basis is asking the wrong questions at the right time or asking the right questions at the wrong time. Knowing the right questions to ask and the right time to ask the right questions is an essential habit in building a healthy relationship. You may have the right questions but you also need to find the right time to ask the question.

Asking questions that are unconnected to a topic during an argument is not healthy. Questioning your partner about something or someone in public may not receive a good response.

Whatever it is, find the right time to talk about it.

In Conclusion

Building a healthy relationship is a collaborative effort by both parties involved in the relationship. These tips are applicable to every relationship and has been proven if practiced correctly.