African  love between a man and a woman

Non-Africans or people with lack of full knowledge about African Love between a man and a woman describes it as love based on a man’s ability to provide financially for a woman. In this context, they completely ignore the woman, her value and efforts in a relationship.

Yes African love between a man and a woman is a give and take scenario. However, this is way beyond just financial implications. A relationship between a man and a woman is a collaborative efforts. The African culture places a man in the position of proving for the family while the woman is placed in the position of building the family.

She doesn’t take to squander, she takes to preserve or reserve. If you give an African woman money she will not spend it. She will save it. If she need more she will take more from you and if both of you need to spend, she will have you spend.

The money she is saving is meant for the family and can only come out when there is a basic need. When there is no money to take care of family needs, she will lend the man the money on the terms that he will pay back. Well, even if you don’t pay back she will find a way to get it back. The money she is saving is to start a family business or to be used in times of emergency.


It is very simple to know when an African man is truly in love with you, especially if you understand his form of communication. African men communicates with deep body language, usually with actions rather than voice. His voice might be silent but his actions towards you is his true feelings. Pay attention to what he is doing. He might say less and do more.

Here are few things you should look out for.

  1. He will pay attention to you, everything you do and everything around you. Don’t jump into a conclusion that he is spying on you.
  2.  He will provide everything you need financially, emotionally, mentally, spiritually, sexually and physiologically. The African culture requires a man to provide for his woman. Your primary job to a woman is to provide whatever she needs.
  3.  He will give up anything for your happiness. An African man who is in love with you can go to any extent to please you. He will be ready to lose everything and start all over with you.
  4. African men are very jealous. In some cases his pride might not let you know but deep down he is hurting when you spend time with others. If you are messing with another guy, he might not approach you but the guy on the other end will bear the consequences. First he will give the guy a courtesy warning but you don’t want to exhaust the warning.
  5. He will place you so high in a position where no one can reach you. No other woman can take your place or have anything to say in your face


African women are more interested in your personality and your potentials. I know a lot of people say African Women can choose money over anything but that’s not true. African women love growth, they want someone with potentials to grow. Someone who represents something.

Here  Is how to find out if an African woman is in love with you

  1. She will be interested in everything you are doing. When it comes to an African woman, interest is a keyword. Some people take this point for granted but this is  where you can win or lose it all. If she shows interest in you, everything you do and even what you are not doing, just know she is in love with you
  2.  She will love your family or be interested in your family. An African woman who is in love with you will be interested in your family. She wants to make friends with at least someone from your family. Family is the gate of serious relationships in Africa.
  3. She will push you to grow. Women are better builders than men, she will look at your foundation to see what needs to be done. Basically they want to settle or be with a responsible man. An African woman who is in love with you will make you her business and multiply anything you give her.
  4.  Jealousy is something you should also look out for. An African woman who is in love is super jealous of any other woman having her man’s attention. She may hide her feelings but deep down she is burning.
  5.  She will care about you. African women are very caring, respectful and appreciative. She will care about your health and well being, your financial and spiritual growth. She will shower you with any form of satisfaction and appreciate whatever you can offer.