Top 10 signs that your partner or spouse is cheating on you

Are you suspecting that your partner is cheating on you? Well if you feel it in your guts that you partner is cheating on you, it may be true.

You think he/she is cheating on you?

How can you find out if you are a victim of a cheating partner

These are the signs you should look out for if you are suspecting that your partner is cheating on you

  • Secretive Use Of Phones or Laptop

A cheating partner will do everything possible to protect themselves from getting caught. For that reason, they most protect their means of communication. A cheating partner is likely going to set a private password on his/her phone or laptop to prevent anyone from having access to it. By setting up a password they automatically prevent you from reading their text messages, social media chats and interaction as well as their contacts and call logs.

If you partner suddenly starts using his/her phone or laptop more frequently than before, it’s not a good sign. If you partner starts deleting messages and phone calls, if your partner starts clearing his browser history on daily basis, that’s not a good sign.

If your partner starts taking his/her phone to the bathroom or moving around with it while at home to avoid you getting closer to it, that’s not a good sign. If you ask to use or review your partner’s phone or laptop and they say no, that’s definitely not a good sign.

If there is nothing on the phone, why is he/she hiding it from you? Who is your partner protecting the information on the phone or laptop from? What is the sudden secret?

  • When Friends seem uncomfortable around you.

We all have friends; your friend’s circle usually grows bigger when you start dating someone. If your partner is cheating on your, his/her friends will know way before you do. Usually the victim of cheating is the last person to know what is going on. The cheater’s friend in most cases knows about the infidelity right from the start.

This information will definitely make anyone uncomfortable around you. The cheater’s friend might do two things in this scenario; they may either try their possible best to avoid you or simply become overly nice to you. Your friends on the other hand may become uncomfortable and try to avoid conversations about your relationship. Some of your friends may no longer feel comfortable spending time with you and your partner.

  • When your partner becomes hostile towards you and the relationship

You will notice a significant change in your partner’s behavior towards you when they are cheating on you. A cheating partner will always try to shift blame on you in order to justify their actions. They will place themselves in a position where they have a justifiable reason to look elsewhere. You no longer look the way you use to look when you started dating or first got married, you are no longer adventurous in the bedroom or you have suddenly become unappreciative of everything they have done for.

They suddenly start judging you for everything you do or say, nothing seem right anymore in their eyes. When you start feeling like nothing you do is right anymore, that’s not a good sign. A cheating partner will try to make you the bad guy in other to justify his/her actions towards you and the way he/her perceive the relationship

  • When your partner suddenly starts acting too nice

Some people are so sneaky and might try toconfuse you when you starts suspecting them. It may be that your partner recently discovered how important you are to him/her and how he/she has been taking you for granted so they want to make it up to you. In some cases, if  your partner starts acting too nice out of the blue, there is something fishy going on.Some people may cheat on you not because they don’t love or value you, not because they love the person they are cheating with more than you and not because their cheating partner is better than you. Cheating is a habit and sometimes addictive.

A cheating partner who at the same time does not want to lose you may use nice treatment as a cover up. Out of the blue your partner wants to send you on a luxury vacation with your friends, he or she wantyou to feel free and hangout with your friends, take more time for shopping and traveling with expenses all paid, shower you with unusual gifts and praises etc.

  • Unexplained Expenses

Cheating is expensive and requires a lot of money. The cost of cheating is way more than the cost of a regular relationship. Cheating cost hotel rooms or rented apartments, gifts, trips, food and drinks, and sometimes other forms of financial settlements.

Your partner’s sudden change in expenses is something you should also look out for. If your partner is still working on the job they use to but suddenly their expenses increase, if you suddenly see odd charges on your partner’s debit card or transaction alerts, If there is suddenly less money in your partner’s bank account,  If there is suddenly less money in your partner’s investment account etc. That’s a possible sign of infidelity.

If you ask your partner about these expenses and their answers seem untrue or made of excuse, there is a possibility that your partner is cheating on you.

If you suddenly start seeing large withdrawals by your partner, if you start seeing evidence of purchase or payments at place you barely know or visit, if none of these money or things your partner is purchasing is coming home or going to a family member, just know that something fishy is going on.

  • Sudden change and improved appearance

One’s appearance is very key and something you should always look out for. People don’t just improve their appearance for no reason. If your partner suddenly start looking sexy more than usual, there is something going on. Your partner may change his/her appearance in order to look better for but in some cases it might not be for you. Out of the blue your partner starts going to the gym and changes his/her diet, all of a sudden your partner starts wearing sexy and expensive clothes when they always preferred regular looks, there may be something fishy going on.

If she starts wearing makeup, fixing long nails and lashes all of a sudden, she might be seeing someone else. If all of a sudden he start getting nice hair cut, wearing matching outfits and using deodorants, he may be cheating on you. People don’t just improve their appearance for no reason, most times they improve for someone.

  • When your partner is becoming unreachable from time to time

There is high tendencies for a cheating partner to become unreachable from time to time. Your cheating partner is less likely to answer your phone calls or respond to your text messages and chats.

They will make excuses like they were in a noisy place, dead zones, in a meeting, driving or the phone was on silence. Your partner will be unreachable when they have to spend time with someone else, their phone may be switched off or placed on silence. When you partner is unreachable while on a business trip or during late working hours, that’s a sign that your partner is cheating on you.

  • Altered Schedule

A significant shift in your partner’s schedule is something you should also worry about. If your partner who was always returning from work on time suddenly starts returning late due to late works and it happens more frequently, that’s a sign that your partner may be cheating on you. When your partner starts spending extra time at work, at the gym, when they start complaining frequently about traffic jam, flat tires, dead battery, just know that something fishy is going on behind your back. When suddenly your partner need to start traveling for business trips or having weekend gateways, that’s a sign that he/she may be cheating on you.

  • Change in sexual activities

Sexual activities is something you should also look out for.Ifthere is a significant change in the sex, it means your partner may be cheating. If you partner suddenly starts introducing and changing sex positions, it means they may be learning from someone else and may be practicing with you.

Increase or decrease in sexuality could all mean your partner is cheating. Less sex means he/she is concentrating on someone and more sex means he/she is trying to cover up. Emotional attachment is another thing to consider, if he/she is not emotionally connected during sex, it’s a sign that he is she is cheat.

When your partner avoids the discussion or change the topic when you question them about cheating.

Cheaters are more like criminals, they never accept that they are doing it. A cheating partner may try to avoid the discussion or change the topic when you bring it up or question them about it.

A sneaky person is more likely to avoid taking routes that will expose theirs ecrets. If your partner is cheating and you bring the conversation up, they will do everything to avoid it or deflect.

Disclaimer: Your partner could display all or  some of the above mentioned signs and still not be cheating on you. When your partner is displaying all or any of the above signs, it therefore means something is not right somewhere which urgently needs attention.