African woman  vs Spanish woman (Latina)

Who is the best lover between African women and Spanish women – DateAfrikans

This debate of who is a better lover between African women or African-American women and the Spanish women also know as Latina has been going on for decades. A good number of people argue on daily basis that African women or African American women are better lovers while others argue that Spanish women or Latina are better lovers. I know you might have your personal  position on this topic but whatever it is, hold on and read to the end and let’s see if you still think the same way.

The answer to this question is however tricky because universally, Women from whatever background or geographical area or race has so much in common. It all depends on her feelings for you and her personality as an individual

I cannot tell you who is a better lover between African/ African American women and Spanish women/Latina but if you are considering dating any of this women, I have something to tell you. There are things you need to understand such as body language and forms of communication as well as other behaviors that will help you to figure out if she is in love with you.

The best way you can find out is to date an African woman or African-American woman and also date a Spanish woman or Latina to make your final judgement. Even at that you might not arrive at a perfect answer.Only one woman cannot represent a whole, you might need to date more and more from different countries and backgrounds to come up with something tangible

I have been with African/ African American women and Spanish women/Latina, I also have a couple of friends dating African/African American women and Spanish women/Latina. In this article I will highlight certain characteristics or attributes generally associated with majority of these women. This may not be applicable to every African/African American woman or Spanish woman/Latina due to the fact that people are not the same.

  • Spanish women/Latina are erotic and exotic.Latina especially the ones from the Caribbean are very erotic and exotic. The culture and environment allows nudity and can be seen as sexiness. Their mode of dressing is tempting and can make a man go crazy especially if you are not used to it. If a Spanish woman/Latina is in love with you, she will go all the way out to look sexy for you. She will make sure your eyes are always fixed on her without blinking. The African culture on the other hand does not encourage nudity and consider such dressings as irresponsible. An African woman who is in love with you might try to look more “responsible” for you as a form of self respect.
  • African/African American women are very enduring. An African/African American woman who is in love with you will endure almost everything in order to please you and be by your side. Spanish women/Latina don’t tolerate bullshit when they are in love. For instance you might cheat on an African woman and get a second chance with her but it will definitely end disastrous if you try the same with a Spanish woman/ Latina. African women are trained to swallow and accept a lot of things but Spanish women are trained to settle for the best
  • Spanish women/Latina are super crazy!Yes you heard me. Spanish women are super crazy especially when they are in love. Do not play with her feelings when she is in love with you. She will fight anyone for you even in the police building or courtroom. When you mess a Spanish girl up, she might break your car windows, burn down the building or do something even crazier. Yes African woman are crazy too but you can’t compare them especially when they are crazy about someone. African women can take a deep breath and hold back
  • Both Spanish women and African women are very respectful especially when you respect them. They will go to any limit to please you to your satisfaction
  • Spanish women/Latina wants a man that is successful or already winning while African/ African American women are more concerned about a man’s potentials of winning. For the Spanish women the current is very important but African women are more about the future.
  • Spanish women/Latina or very touchy and verbally expressive why African women or African-American women express their emotions with actions.

This list may not be complete so feel free to drop your opinion in the comment section and let us know who is the best lovers in your opinion