Who is the best lovers between African men and white men?

Today on Dateafrikans we shall discuss African men vs white men

Last week I heard a couple of girls debating about this topic on a live broadcast. The panel had 8 women between the age of 25-50.This argument between 3 African/ African-American women, 2 Spanish women and 3 white women was so interesting such that I spent over an hour listening keenly.

At the end I decided to write this article based on their argument and other interviews I had with multiple women across different races. These points are based on personal experiences by these women as well as their friends and family circle.

The bottom line is men are men and will always be men no matter their age, race, national, religion or background. However there are some traits and characteristics attributed to certain category of men particularly from a race, religion or culture.

This argument has been going on for centuries and for the same reason will continue as long as the world continue to exist. Personally I don’t think it’s about Black or White but the individual per se. I know you have your own personal opinion but let’s take a look at the points made during the argument. I selected a couple of qualities and characteristics of men in order to put the arguments in shape.

  • Strength

One of the major points that kept rotating throughout the argument is strength. You might be wondering about the connection between “Love” and “Strength”, well here is the deal. Strength is application mentally and physically in every relationship.

A good number of women argued that African men or African-American men are way more stronger than White men both mentally and physically. Weak people are less likely considerate and can barely support another. African men are emotionally and physically stronger and can carry any weight on their shoulders. Strength as a quality can not be underestimated.

  • Romance.

Romance is another quality that constantly played out. According to the various arguments, White men are way more romantic than African men or African-American men. A couple of women also argued that romance is dependent on the perception of the person at the receiving end.

Both Black, Spanish and White women agreed that African men or African-American men are hardly romantic and partially expressive of their true emotions. Margret insisted that the African way of expressing love is weird and difficult to understand especially if you are not African or does not have someone who can put you down with it.

A White man will always give you roses and tell you how much he loves you as often as possible, he will take you on romantic dates, arrange colorful light and sweet music in the background just to remind you of how special you are to him. African men on the other hand seem cold when in a relationship, they hardly tell you romantic stuffs or give you assurance. They hardly say “I love you” or “I care about you”

  • Support.

One of the qualities that almost every woman is looking for in a man is support. Women deserve emotional, mental, physical, psychological and in some cases financial support. Majority of the women argued that African men or African-American men are way more supportive than White men.

Maybe this is as a result of the African culture where a man is mandated to take care of a woman’s needs. The white communities especially with the idea of “Gender Equality” place men in a position where they don’t necessarily have to support a woman. African men are very supportive in a relationship and can push you as a woman to become the very best.

  • S*x

There was heated argument on this point. The question “Who is better at s*x between African men or African-American men and White men” generated a heated and interesting argument. Many women argued that good s*x depends on various things and can only be majored by the individual woman at the receiving end. Some women prefer it aggressively; some soft and romantic, some with a combination of both while others prefer foreplay. Majority of the women argued that Black men are way stronger and can last longer in bed. Ashanti explained that it is very common to find White and Spanish girls chasing after Black guys all in the name of s*xual satisfaction.

Michelle insisted that she is White and has been with a couple of White and Black guys but she will chose black guys over White guys anytime for s*xual satisfaction. A good number of women alleged that White men are too soft and too weak s*xually. One might say s*x is not a necessary quality of a man in a relationship but 70% of the women I interviewed insisted that good s*x is very important in an individual’s life.

  • Cheating

This was one of the most controversial question throughout the entire argument. Majority of the women argued that Black men or African men have more cheating tendencies because of the African culture where a man can confidently marry more than one woman at a time. According to the arguments, African men are naturally polygamous and most of them are product of polygamy which makes them potential cheaters. The White societies promotes the idea of one woman for one man.

  • Caring

A good number of women insisted that African men are more caring. They are complex to deal with but once you understand them and their value system, they will worship you. White men on the other hand are also caring but not compared to the African folks. The African culture mandates a man to care for his woman, the African society sees a man through his woman.The African society does not portray a woman as equal to the man, the culture portrays a woman as a special being that should be cared for in every aspect

  • Fertility

Fertility received criticisms. A good number of people suggested that fertility should not be among qualities of a good man. However fertility is part of a relationship and most people are not with their partners today for the same reason. If you are considering having a child, an African partner is something you should consider. The fertility rate of White men is not a match to the African men

  • Honesty

Honesty is a special quality and a special way of expressing love. Where honesty fails, heartbreak is unavoidable. The argument on this point suggested that White men and African men share 50/50 on honesty.

African men tell quick lies for temporary pleasure while White men tell lies that can last for centuries and might never be uncovered. On a shallow scale African men are less honest, digging deep White men are less honest.

  • Protection

A good loving man should protect his woman from every harm. A protective man is a man that love and values his woman. According to the arguments African men or African-American men are over protective and can go to any level to ensure that their woman, her family and friends are protected.

You might slap an African Man and get away with it, but when you slap his woman, you may wake up with stitches on a hospital bed. African men or African-American men are way more protective than the White Men.

Conclusively, It is difficult to confidently say “who is a better lover between African men or African-American men and White men”. Love is a universal language that is not attached to a race, tribe, nationality, culture, or an individual’s background. It is much about the Individual.

Now after reading to the end, what lesson have you learnt? What did you agree or disagree with? Who do you think is a better lover between African men and White women?. Feel free to drop your opinion or suggestion in the comment box