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Men vs women who cheats more?

This is an unending argument that has been going on for centuries without a valid conclusion. I have listened to people argue on this topic from different perspectives. A good number of women will always argue  in favor of women while a good number of men will always argument in favor of men.

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Who is more faithful in a relationship between a man and a woman?

Last week I got a message from a friend of mine requesting me to join an open debate about this same topic. In order to prepare for the debate, I had to withdraw my personal opinion and instead interview others to see what people generally think about who cheats more in a relationship between a man and a woman. The responses were mind blowing so I decided to put them together in this article. Here is what people had to say.


This response came from a number of middle aged African men. They insisted that women cheat more than men. However, it is easier to catch a cheating man but more difficult to catch a cheating woman. A woman who is in a relationship can go as far as checking her boyfriend or husband’s phones regularly, she will follow him up on social media to see who is liking or commenting on his posts and what responses he is giving to them.

She will not stop there, she will go to the extend of following the women on his friend list and comment box to see the activities on the other end. Men on the other hand barely check to see what the woman is doing, and who is following her. Basically woman takes more time digging to see what a man is doing but men don’t usually pay much attention. Sometimes men are too confident that their woman is not doing anything at all.


This is another point that continuously appeared in the interviews. A lot of people insist that it’s easier for a woman to get a new man than it is for a man to get a new woman. A lady could walk down the street for 10 minutes and already have many men asking her out. It is almost impossible for a woman to go out for a whole day without having a toaster. But men will have to get a woman’s attention before asking her out. The woman here is placed in the position of approving a man’s request and trust me they have many requests to choose from.


A lot of people especially women believes that men are naturally polygamous and not contented with one woman. Cultures like the African culture and the Islamic religion promotes the idea of polygamy, placing men in a position where they can have more than one woman at the same time. In this case, a man can marry more than one woman at the same time but a woman cannot marry more than one man at the same time


No evidence no case! Although people tried to justify this point by saying woman are only smarter than men and can dig deeper than men, the evidence still remains that there are more cases of men getting caught on daily basis all over the world.There are more cases of unfaithful men getting caught yearly than women. Logically this means men cheats more than women that’s why you have more men getting caught.


A lot of people argued that women cheat more in a relationship before marriage but men cheat more after marriage. Women engage in multiple relationships before settling down but when they finally settle down, they become more committed to one man. Men on the other hand cannot be with only one woman for a long period of time.They have intervals they must have a justifiable reason to cheat such as when his woman is on her period and when she just give birth.


A good number of people argued that a woman must have a reason for cheating. It’s either her man is not satisfying her sexually or financially or sometimes not paying her enough attention, whereas men can cheat because they see a new girl around who is ready to have sex. Men don’t need to have a reason to cheat, they just need space and a girl available and boom they start cheating


A lot of people argued that men have more potentials of cheating because it’s easier to seduce a man than to seduce a woman. All she needs to do to seduce him is to make him see what he wants to see and make him understand that he can have it anytime he is ready. One way or the other he will go looking for it. Meanwhile seducing a woman requires more than just showing her. To get a woman you must set a trap and then convince her to do it. You need to get her in your space and then give her a reason to do it.


A good number of people also argued that except a woman is a prostitute or doing it as a form of revenge, she must be emotionally connected in order to cheat but men can do it without any emotionally connecting. A woman who truly loves her man will never cheat on him except at gun point but a man can love his woman and still cheat on her for no reason


One of the major points that kept rotating throughout the debate is how men are justified for cheating but women are crucified. The society places men in a position where they can cheat and get vindicated for being a man whereas a woman is judged for doing the same thing. This is definitely looking toward gender inequality where men are given the upper hand to think and feel that everything they do is right, but at the same time it’s wrong for a woman to do the same thing.


In as much as a lot of men tried to discredit this point, it was able to stand the test of time. A lot of people argued that a woman is limited by nature. She has at least 3 to 5 days monthly where she is on her period, then she becomes unattractive when she is pregnant and cannot have anything to do with a man immediately after giving birth. A man on the other hand is not in anyway limited by nature. Few men argued that a woman can take on more men in a single day than a man can take on women in a single day.


Biologically, men are one million times more reproductive than women. Naturally a man can reproduce everyday for as long as he lives but a woman and can only give birth once in 9 months with a limited time of less than 50 years before menopause. This gives men more opportunities to cheat for as long as possible.


This is one of the points that was heavily criticized by a lot of men and women. Generally, in most societies it is the duty of the man to ask a woman out. However a lot of people argued that time has changed but the fact still remains that a man has to be the man. A good number of people argued that women cheats less than men due to the fact that they need a man to ask them out. It is easier for a man to go for what he want than it is for a woman. In most cases women have to wait and only give signs to signal the man. In this opinion, it is more complicated for a woman to go for what she wants than it is for a man


A good number of people insisted that prostitution is a job and should not be included as a relevant point for judgement. However, many prostitutes are dating or married and in most cases their partners are not aware that they are prostitutes. Judging by the fact that majority of the prostitutes are female, it is clear that women cheat more than men.


After listening to the arguments and points by various individuals, I could not come up with a conclusion on my own. In your opinion and coupled with the arguments above, who cheats more in a relationship between a man and a woman? Feel free to drop your opinion in the comment section and share with a friend let’s see what they think, feel or believe.

African  love between a man and a woman

Non-Africans or people with lack of full knowledge about African Love between a man and a woman describes it as love based on a man’s ability to provide financially for a woman. In this context, they completely ignore the woman, her value and efforts in a relationship.

Yes African love between a man and a woman is a give and take scenario. However, this is way beyond just financial implications. A relationship between a man and a woman is a collaborative efforts. The African culture places a man in the position of proving for the family while the woman is placed in the position of building the family.

She doesn’t take to squander, she takes to preserve or reserve. If you give an African woman money she will not spend it. She will save it. If she need more she will take more from you and if both of you need to spend, she will have you spend.

The money she is saving is meant for the family and can only come out when there is a basic need. When there is no money to take care of family needs, she will lend the man the money on the terms that he will pay back. Well, even if you don’t pay back she will find a way to get it back. The money she is saving is to start a family business or to be used in times of emergency.


It is very simple to know when an African man is truly in love with you, especially if you understand his form of communication. African men communicates with deep body language, usually with actions rather than voice. His voice might be silent but his actions towards you is his true feelings. Pay attention to what he is doing. He might say less and do more.

Here are few things you should look out for.

  1. He will pay attention to you, everything you do and everything around you. Don’t jump into a conclusion that he is spying on you.
  2.  He will provide everything you need financially, emotionally, mentally, spiritually, sexually and physiologically. The African culture requires a man to provide for his woman. Your primary job to a woman is to provide whatever she needs.
  3.  He will give up anything for your happiness. An African man who is in love with you can go to any extent to please you. He will be ready to lose everything and start all over with you.
  4. African men are very jealous. In some cases his pride might not let you know but deep down he is hurting when you spend time with others. If you are messing with another guy, he might not approach you but the guy on the other end will bear the consequences. First he will give the guy a courtesy warning but you don’t want to exhaust the warning.
  5. He will place you so high in a position where no one can reach you. No other woman can take your place or have anything to say in your face


African women are more interested in your personality and your potentials. I know a lot of people say African Women can choose money over anything but that’s not true. African women love growth, they want someone with potentials to grow. Someone who represents something.

Here  Is how to find out if an African woman is in love with you

  1. She will be interested in everything you are doing. When it comes to an African woman, interest is a keyword. Some people take this point for granted but this is  where you can win or lose it all. If she shows interest in you, everything you do and even what you are not doing, just know she is in love with you
  2.  She will love your family or be interested in your family. An African woman who is in love with you will be interested in your family. She wants to make friends with at least someone from your family. Family is the gate of serious relationships in Africa.
  3. She will push you to grow. Women are better builders than men, she will look at your foundation to see what needs to be done. Basically they want to settle or be with a responsible man. An African woman who is in love with you will make you her business and multiply anything you give her.
  4.  Jealousy is something you should also look out for. An African woman who is in love is super jealous of any other woman having her man’s attention. She may hide her feelings but deep down she is burning.
  5.  She will care about you. African women are very caring, respectful and appreciative. She will care about your health and well being, your financial and spiritual growth. She will shower you with any form of satisfaction and appreciate whatever you can offer.

Why do people cheat in a relationship?

Today on Date Afrikans we have decided to take a tour towards finding out something very crucial. This might sound like a regular question but there is more to it.

  • Why do people cheat?
  • What is the reason for cheating?
  • What is your personal reason for cheating?
  • What will make you cheat?

We carried out a physical and online research to find out“Why People Cheat” and the various answers will blow your mind. I know you have your own opinion on Why People Cheat or probably have your own personal reason for cheating.

Cheaters are the most creative and hard working people. This is because; cheating is the most difficult game to play. Cheaters live on lies to survive. They live on excuses such as occupation, distance, weather, time etc.

They are very calculative and can take any available chance just to cheat. Some people cheat not because the people they are cheating with are better than their partners. Let’s look at the various reasons why people cheat


Attention is very important in every relationship. Lack of attention can cause a lot of damages to your relationship. A good number of people agreed that they have cheated on their partners because of lack of attention; some went further to say they will cheat and continue to cheat if someone else is paying more attention to them than their partner.


This is one of the major reason why a lot of people are cheating on their partner and will continue to cheat. A good number of people lack the ability to control their sexual urge, they are weak and can only focus on satisfying their immediate sexual desires.


Some people suggested that distance should not be an excuse, but majority insisted that distance can play a role in cheating. Distant relationship is very difficult to deal with, a good number of people cannot be faithful in a distant relationship.

For several reasons, people try to pretend and lie to themselves but deep down they cannot deal with the pressure and cravings of spending time together with someone in real life.


Money can cause a lot of good things and bad things. A lot of people have cheated on their partners because of money; some are still cheating and will continue to cheat for the same reason. Lack of money can push an individual into doing so many things in order to survive or provide


This may surprise you but it is true. There are people out there who can go to any limit and do anything for revenge. So many people especially women admitted that they have cheated on their partners for revenge. Some said that the only reason they can cheat on their partner is if they find out that their partner is cheating on them.


A lot of people blame addiction as the reason and excuse for cheating. Addiction in this instance comes in different forms

Sexual addiction. A good number of people out there are sexual addicts; they can not do without having sex for a couple of days. That means if their partner is not around for a couple of days, they have to cheat in order to satisfy their addiction. Also if their partner is sick or cannot satisfy them sexually, they have to find a replacement

Drug addiction. Drug addicts are also liable to cheat on their partners. A lot of people cannot control themselves when they are abuse drugs. This often results to sexual interactions with whoever is available and willing. Some drugs addicts go as far as raping in order to satisfy their urge

Alcohol Addiction. Alcohol Addiction is also risky and can be a reason for cheating. People who drink a lot of alcohol are liable to cheat on their partners when they are drunk. Everything looks better and brighter when you are tipsy on alcohol.


A good number of people insisted that people cheat because of variety. There are people whose intention is to try every variety such as;

Shape and Size. A good number of people cheat because of shape and size. They want to try different shapes just to have the feeling. A girl confessed that she has slept with a fat guy, a slim guy and a well built guy.

Same thing applies to men; they want to have that feeling of sleeping with a fat lady, a thick lady, a slim lady, lady with a big backside, lady with a small backside, lady with big boobs, lady with small boobs and so on.

Height. A couple of people agreed that people cheat because of height. They want to know what it feels like sleeping with a tall man/woman, they want to know what it feels like sleeping with a short man/woman, they also wants to know what it feels like sleeping with an average height person

Race and complexion. Race is another reason why people cheat on their partners. A good number of people out there want to know how it feels like sleeping with an African, White, Spanish, Asian, Arabian etc. They have cheated on their partners, they are willing to cheat on their partners just to try a different race.Others simply want to have that feeling of sleeping with a dark skinned, light skinned and brown skinned person.


A lot of people are in a relationship today not because they are in love with the person but for one reason or them other they have to continue with the relationship. Their true feelings and heart is somewhere but they are in a relationship with someone else. In some cases people also cheat because they feel like they are not receiving the love that they deserve. They don’t feel loved anymore so they have to look somewhere else


This may sound ridiculous but it’s true. Some people admitted cheating on their partners because they were curious to know what it feels like cheating. A friend of mine told me that he cheated on his wife just to know how it feels like.


This was one of the most interesting points during the various interviews. A large percentage of people insisted that anger can make one cheat on their partner


Truth of the matter is that, people cheat for no reasonable reason.

A good number of men are moved by what they see. The moment they see a lady, they start calculating many things which will lead to a tryout.

A good number of women are moved by what they hear and touch. It’s difficult for them to be interested at first, but they become more interested later on.

You can’t really tell who cheats more in a relationship between a man and a woman. Everybody is born with a cheating tendency; it all depends on your choice.


How to make a girl/woman fall deeply in love with you – DateAfrikans

Make a girl or woman go crazy about you today and forever.

In this article on DateAfrikans we shall expose you to secretes on how to get a girl or woman addicted to you forever!

If you have been wondering how you can make that girl/woman  fall  deeply in Love with you, then this article Is specifically for you. A woman is a special gift from God to a man. In order to enjoy a woman to the fullest, she must be completely in love with you. Women are very sensitive and tends to pay absolute attention to details, they are moved by what they hear and what they feel. If you want a girl/woman to completely fall in love with you, first you should consider doing the following

  1. Pay absolute attention to her. Pay absolute attention to her, what she likes and what she hates, what she wants to do and what she doesn’t want to do. Pay close attention to details and everything around her. When you pay attention to a woman you will understand her strength and weakness. With this information you already have the key to her heart. Girls and women loves attention so much. The more you pay attention to her, the more space she will create in her heart for you.
  2. Always give her compliments. Women love compliment especially when it’s coming from her man. Tell her she is beautiful as often as possible. Recognize the changes on her and whatever she does to look more beautiful. If she cook for you, remember to appreciate her and tell her how sweet the food is. Tell her how beautiful she looks in every dress she wears, how beautiful her new hair looks, how beautiful her nails are. Let her know how lucky and proud you are to have her as your woman. Girls/women takes compliments very serious at all times
  3. Give her assurance. Women love to be assured. Giving a woman assurance is one of the thing that will keep the fire burning in your relationship or marriage. She constantly wants to be assured. Combine romantic words and follow up with actions. Let her know that there is no hope or space for someone else, let her see that the relationship is heading somewhere tangible.
  4. Take her on dates. Dates are very crucial in sustaining  and spicing up love life. Your relationship is incomplete if you don’t go on dates with your partner. Make out time to take her out on a date, do this more often, go to new places and try new things. Take her out to see a movie, take her to the beach, take her to a fun park, take her out to new restaurants, events and engage her in fun activities. Taking a woman out on a date will expose you to deep information about her and this might be all you need.
  5. Surprise her with gifts. It mustn’t be expensive or things with financial benefits. Women love to receive gifts as surprises from whoever they are committed to. Give her roses, buy her a dress, shoes or jewelries. If you are rich, surprise her with exotic cars, expensive jewelries and luxurious vacations.You can surprise her with gifts on occasions like her birthday or festivities. Pay attention to things she love and surprise her with them
  6. Show compassion. Women love men who are compassionate towards other people. Be kind to her and others especially when you are around her.You don’t want her to see you are a bully or bad person, she wants someone who care about other. This will guarantee her Mental and physical safety around you.
  7. Always be ready to listen to her. Sometimes women are not telling you something for you to do anything about it. Give her the chance to talk to you about everything without judging her. Be willing to listen to everything she has to say. If she is comfortable  telling you everything, she definitely consider you her best friend.
  8. Show her to the world. Be proud of her and show her to the world. Showing her to the world will increase your chances of caving a permanent place in her heart. Post her on your social media handles, go out with her and hold her hand in public. Putting her out there will surely give her the feeling that there is no one else.
  9. Support her through everything. Always take her side no matter what. When she is wrong, take her side in public and correct her in private. Always give her a shoulder to lean on in every situation. When you become her support system, you automatically occupy the biggest place in her heart. Be ready to be her backup at all times, through the bad and good.
  10. Make her your best friend. Make sure you are the best friend she has ever had! Let her be your best friend who you can share everything with. Once she sees you as her best friend, your place in her heart will grow even bigger. Work on making a strong friendship bounds

Conclusively, she will become addicted to you like a drug if you do the above tips right. She will never leave because she won’t be able to do without you.