Things you should never do while dating an African girl

A successful relationship is highly dependent on the things you do and the things you don’t. There are things you must do and things you must not do in other to keep a strong relationship. Generally like I said before in other articles, it is very complicated to understand women or have a clue about what they want. Sometimes a woman’s temporary mood is enough for her to make a decision that will last long.

Sometimes the things you think might be the best will turn out to be the worst. For women everything matters no matter how small they seem. Recently a Spanish friend of mine from New York City called me and was complaining about not really understanding an African girl he fell in love with. After speaking with him for a couple of hours I understood that it was lack of understanding. It is true that women globally has a lot in common no matter their race, tribe, country or background.

However there are certain characteristics associated with a certain group of people, especially people that grew up from a certain environment with different cultural values and beliefs. I was inspired to write this article after listening to my Spanish friend and helping him to solve his relationship problems.

Here are few tips on the things you should never do while dating an African woman.

  • Do not take her love for granted.

This is the biggest mistake people make everyday that cost them their entire relationship. Taking her love for granted is one things he might never forgive you for doing. When an African girl is deeply in love with you, she will do anything and may go to any limit to please you.

A couple of men lose it all at this point when they start seeing her as a cheap girl or a desperate girl. She will be all over you and all about you, she will place you in a position where no else comes before you. She will allow you to be the man and be in charge of everything. Do not see anything she is doing for you as a desperate move, don’t think that you are the best or you are the only man in the world.

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There is a saying that “You don’t know what you have until it’s gone”. Taking her for granted will definitely put you in this category without even realizing. First, she will move on mentally but you won’t notice because you already took her for granted. By the time you realize it will be too late

  • Do not keep female friends. So many relationships today are suffering from this problem. Your girlfriend or wife should be your best friend, keeping other females is a risky move. Nowadays you cannot trust anyone because a lot has been happening. Keeping female friends around when you are dating or married to an African woman is a sure way of making her feel insecure. Of course spending time with other women will surely make your girlfriend or wife jealous which is the worst feeling for a woman. Women are jealous and funny at times, you may not have intention of dating your female friend but when she sees that you are treating your girlfriend or wife good, she might start imagination herself in that position.
  • Do not disrespect her family members.

Family first! Family is key in every relationship especially when dealing with an African. You cannot have a “serious relationship” without family’s active involvement.Disrespecting her family is the easiest way to lose an African girl as a lover or wife. If her family is against you, it therefore means the relationship cannot get to anything serious hence you need family approval for anything serious.

  • Do not cheat on her.
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Cheating is extremely bad in a relationship not just with an African but with any woman out there. Women hate cheaters for many reasons and as a result might not give you a second chance. A saying goes like “Cheaters are liable to lose their relationship”. Cheating on an African woman is one thing you should never consider trying.

  • Do not abuse her.

Abuse in whatever form is a complete turn off for any female anywhere in the world. Physical, mental, psychological, emotional or verbal abuse is something you should desist from while dating an African woman. This will show that you are irresponsible and she will never trust you with her safety. In reality every woman is looking for a man that will protect her and treat her as a family, not an abuser that could harm her at any given time and opportunity.

  • Don’t be mean, rude or arrogant.

Don’t be mean, rude or arrogant to her or others around her. Almost every woman’s goal is to be with a respectful gentleman, someone she can proudly present to the world. Show compassion towards her and others especially in her presence. African women are very careful when selecting a man to settle with, your personality and image is very key and could go along way to decide the future of your relationship.

  • Don’t be too busy for her.

My best friend Ella turned down a marriage proposal from her long time boyfriend for this reason. According to her, she felt like she was in a relationship alone. He would go to work as early as possible, come back from work and spend more time at home working on his laptop. She would go over to his house and end up being alone. When it comes to women, attention is something they don’t play with. If you are not paying attention to her, she will go with the next man that is keeping her mind occupied. Whatever you are doing, do not be too busy for her. Pay attention to her and spend quality time with her.

  • Do not be a yes ma’am man.
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Women love stand-up men. The African society places men in a position where they always have to be the man of the house. Being a yes ma’am type of man is a complete turn off for many African women. Take charge, accept your responsibilities and assume your duty as a man. Take control but do not miss use the opportunity

  • Don’t expect her to pay your bills.

There are couple of men out there looking for a woman that will take care of them and pay their bills. Whether she is richer than you, do not expect her to pay your bills. She might hold it down for you when things are not going well with you but do not expect her to be responsible for your bills. This is a complete turn off for majority of the women out there

  • Do not lie to her

Women generally hates lies. A liar is a betrayal, a liar is a snake in a green grass. One thing you should never consider doing to an African woman is lying to her. A good number of women out there might forgive you doing every other thing but may never forgive you for lying to them.

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